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That Was 1976 Year in Review Special. 2016-09-09T13:30:07+00:00
Barrie Central Collegiate Band Holiday Concert. 2016-09-09T21:34:54+00:00
Skiing at Snow Valley and crash cars at a Barrie Winter Carnival. 2017-01-29T19:23:35+00:00
Barrie Central Collegiate Band California Trip – “A Grade 11’s Perspective”. 2016-09-10T20:13:17+00:00
An Interview With Jeff Lehman. 2016-09-11T20:27:39+00:00
Barrie Central Collegiate Band Europe Trip. 2016-09-09T13:02:29+00:00
Test your knowledge of Barrie history. 2017-01-29T11:03:04+00:00
Steam train at Allandale Train Station and garden footage. 2016-09-08T14:54:00+00:00
Barrie Central Collegiate’s production of “Peter Pan”. 2016-09-09T13:41:28+00:00
Good Company – A Look Back at CKVR. 2016-09-09T21:40:34+00:00
Downtown parade and Winter Carnival. 2016-09-13T18:31:43+00:00
Barrie Central Collegiate Football Part One. 2016-09-11T16:52:55+00:00
Wise Words with Willard – The Story of how the Anne Street Bridge Overpass was Built. 2017-08-02T18:45:36+00:00
The History of Barrie’s Waterfront (An Interview with Jack Garner). 2016-09-11T20:34:34+00:00
Wise Words with Willard – Barrie’s Five Points. 2016-09-09T13:30:03+00:00
Keep the Barrie Historical Archive Strong. 2016-09-15T20:19:40+00:00
An Interview with Tony Grace on the importance of the Barrie Historical Archive 2016-09-15T20:14:22+00:00
Overview of Technology at Barrie Central Collegiate. 2016-09-09T21:42:57+00:00
Footage of Allandale Train Station, Dunlop Street Parade and activity outside 14 Queen Street. 2017-01-01T12:42:39+00:00
Barrie Central Collegiate Senior Football. 2016-09-09T21:22:27+00:00
CKVR “Television to Explore” and “Time Warp” Idents. 2016-09-10T02:56:19+00:00
Children playing at a park near Cox Mill Road. 2016-11-23T05:49:00+00:00
Barrie Central Collegiate Band – A Holiday Concert. 2016-09-11T16:47:04+00:00
CKVR Total News “The Eye of the Storm” Tornado Newscasts following the disaster (Noon and Evening Report). 2016-09-11T17:23:59+00:00
Dog Races at a Barrie Winter Carnival. 2017-01-14T21:19:19+00:00
Mayors’ Seat Promotional Video. 2016-09-15T20:29:00+00:00
Barrie Central Collegiate Creativity Assembly. 2016-09-10T03:58:12+00:00
Home video footage showing the aftermath of the tornado. 2016-09-08T14:53:58+00:00
The Adventures of Very Roger. 2016-09-12T16:40:28+00:00
Children playing at Centennial Park. 2017-01-28T13:51:17+00:00
Barrie Central Collegiate’s production of “Leader of the Pack” Musical Documentary. 2016-09-10T03:14:10+00:00
Barrie Central Collegiate Sports Reel. 2016-09-10T04:14:13+00:00
Barrie Central Collegiate Band – A Holiday Celebration. 2016-09-10T03:22:05+00:00
Barrie Central Collegiate Christmas Assembly. 2016-09-10T20:16:37+00:00
Barrie Central Collegiate’s production of “The Wizard of Oz” Musical – Friday Night Performance. 2016-09-09T13:10:39+00:00
Scenes from Old Barrie in the 1940’s. 2016-11-09T14:09:36+00:00
Snow Ploughing, Supertest Garage at Blake and Dunlop, fire on Dunlop Street East next to Empke Hardware and Monkman’s Drugs. Filmed by D. Corbett of 106 Dunlop Street. 2017-01-01T12:42:23+00:00
Barrie Central Collegiate Band Spring Concert. 2016-09-10T04:10:33+00:00
Town of Barrie Centennial Celebrations and Santa Claus Parade (Compilation of three films). 2016-09-14T22:01:02+00:00
Barrie Historical Archive Crowdfunding Video. 2016-09-15T20:50:11+00:00
A road trip through downtown and out to Midhurst. 2017-01-14T21:19:33+00:00
An Interview With Ross and Marie Archer. 2016-09-10T20:29:14+00:00
Barrie Central Collegiate Band Holiday Concert. 2016-09-10T20:12:17+00:00
Behind the scenes of Barrie Central Collegiate’s presentation of “Peter Pan”. 2016-09-08T14:54:00+00:00
Snowmobiling in Downtown Barrie at a Winter Carnival. 2016-09-09T13:26:02+00:00
Barrie Central Collegiate “Ripdown” Footage of 1921 Building Demolition and 1973 Renovation. 2016-09-13T18:32:08+00:00
Barrie Historical Archive Chairman, Travis Doucette and Rogers Daytime. 2016-09-15T20:45:42+00:00
Barrie Central Collegiate Creativity Assembly. 2016-09-10T04:05:36+00:00
Ice Carnival, parade and fireworks celebrating Barrie’s incorporation on January 1, 1959. Street lights at Christmas and skiing in Collingwood and Snow Valley in February 1959. 2017-01-29T19:20:50+00:00
Barrie Central Collegiate Band Holiday Concert. 2016-09-09T13:35:26+00:00
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