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William and Jane Caldwell with family members in the 1890’s2023-07-08T14:07:20-04:00
The rear of 149 Collier Street built in 18652023-07-08T12:56:41-04:00
A view of the Caldwell home at 149 Collier Street2023-07-08T12:45:40-04:00
Gary Caldwell plays on a tricycle in the backyard of 149 Collier Street2023-07-08T12:37:30-04:00
Gary Caldwell in the backyard of 149 Collier Street2023-07-08T12:29:27-04:00
An interior view of the Caldwell Drugstore located at the Northwest corner of Dunlop and Owen Streets. The dispensary can be seen at the back of the store2020-04-24T17:36:57-04:00
Caldwell’s Drugstore at the Northwest corner of Dunlop and Owen Streets. George Caldwell attained his PHMB degree in 19322020-04-24T17:34:31-04:00
Norris Dairy which was located at 96 Collier Street uses ‘Queen’ the horse to help deliver milk to homes2021-07-29T17:47:33-04:00
The ruins of Fisher Flour Mills which was located on the West side of John Street (Maple) South of Elizabeth (Dunlop) Street after it was destroyed in a fire March 6, 19522020-04-24T17:27:22-04:00
The Fisher Flour Mills Company located on Maple Avenue South of Dunlop Street was destroyed in a fire March 6, 19522020-04-24T17:28:05-04:00
Store located at the Northeast corner of Collier and Berczy Streets. Dyke’s Meat Market was at this location that is now a post office2020-04-24T17:17:59-04:00
A view of Caldwell’s Drugstore located at the Northeast corner of Dunlop and Owen Streets2020-04-24T17:14:39-04:00
Looking South from Bayfield Street at the new Highway 4002020-04-24T17:11:09-04:00
Looking South at the new Highway 400 from Bayfield Street2020-10-17T19:19:35-04:00
A view of Caldwell house built in 1865, located at 149 Collier Street at the Southeast corner of Berczy Street2020-04-24T17:07:07-04:00
Toddler Garry plays in the backyard of 149 Collier Street, an unused chicken coop in the background2020-04-24T17:03:51-04:00
A view of the Caldwell home at 180 Dunlop Street East2020-09-16T10:20:06-04:00
Cliff Carley sits behind the driver of a horse-drawn fire truck in front of the Market Building in Market Square2020-04-24T16:56:57-04:00
Caldwell’s Drugs on the corner of Owen and Dunlop Streets. Notice the newly built Post Office in the top left corner built on the former Victoria School lot on the corner of Collier and Owen Streets.2016-07-08T04:38:58-04:00
Firefighters begin to pack up amongst the remains of the Barrie Mill.2016-07-06T19:26:50-04:00
A horse-drawn fire truck carries the driver and passenger, Cliff Carley past the Town Hall and Market Building on Mulcaster Street, later to be used as City Hall.2016-07-06T19:21:01-04:00
A beautiful flowerbed takes bloom in Fred Grant Square with Caldwell Drugstore, Reward and A&P Food Store on Dunlop Street in the background East of Owen Street2023-04-19T11:11:12-04:00
Exterior of Bayview Grocery on Collier Street.2016-07-06T18:56:22-04:00
Flowerbeds fill Fred Grant Square with Walkwel Shoes, Zellers and The Toronto Dominion Bank pictured behind on Dunlop Street, West of Owen Street2016-07-06T18:56:22-04:00
Interior of Caldwell’s Drug Store on Dunlop Street East showing the medication dispenser along the back wall.2016-07-06T18:56:22-04:00
Looking towards the front door from the inside of Caldwell’s Drug Store on the corner of Dunlop and Owen Streets.2016-07-06T18:56:22-04:00
A CNR Train Derailment and Rescue Operation (2).2016-07-06T18:56:21-04:00
Looking West down Dunlop Street towards the Post Office from the A&P Grocery Store.2021-05-20T16:23:11-04:00
The Caldwell cottage located on Tynhead Road in what was then Innisfil.2016-07-06T18:56:21-04:00
A view from an overpass under construction shows snow covering a newly built road that would soon become Highway 400.2016-07-06T18:56:21-04:00
Barrie’s first woman mayor, Marjorie Hamilton enters City Hall, then located on Mulcaster Street.2016-07-06T18:56:21-04:00
Caldwell’s Drug Store on the corner of Owen Street and Dunlop Street East.2023-07-08T11:43:57-04:00
Looking out from what would become an overpass over Highway 400 during its construction.2016-07-06T18:56:21-04:00
The girls entrance to Victoria School on the corner of Owen and Collier Streets.2016-07-06T18:56:21-04:00
The site of the new Royal Victoria Hospital on Georgian Drive previously owned by Georgian College.2016-07-06T18:52:10-04:00
The new Royal Victoria Hospital on Georgian Drive prepares to open.2016-07-06T18:52:10-04:00
Looking West at Bayview Grocery on Collier Street. Marylin King’s dog, ‘Carly’ is pictured in front.2016-07-06T18:52:10-04:00
“Rex” the horse pulls a dairy cart down a downtown street.2016-07-06T19:09:28-04:00
Looking down Owen Street at the Post Office on Dunlop Street.2016-07-05T03:10:47-04:00
A postcard depicting Highway 11 as it exits town heading towards Bradford.2016-07-06T18:56:21-04:00
Ruins of the Barrie Mill after being destroyed by fire.2016-07-06T18:56:21-04:00
Interior of Caldwell’s Drug Store on the corner Dunlop and Owen Streets.2016-07-01T19:34:14-04:00
A postcard showing the pavilion at St. Vincent Park.2016-07-01T19:37:03-04:00
A postcard showing an aerial view of the city West from the Courthouse.2016-09-05T23:40:25-04:00
Looking down above Blake Street on a wintry New Year’s Day.2016-07-01T19:37:33-04:00
Caldwell family photo in front of the St. Vincent Pavilion.2016-07-01T19:36:28-04:00
Garry Caldwell playing in the backyard of 149 Collier Street.2016-07-01T19:34:07-04:00
Interior of 149 Collier Street at Christmastime.2016-07-01T19:36:55-04:00
No. 180 Dunlop Street, residence of the Caldwell family between September 1935 to October 1938.2016-07-01T19:34:20-04:00
A CNR train derailment and rescue operation (3).2016-09-07T22:55:03-04:00
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