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Looking East at a new condo on Bayfield Street and the old bus station on Maple Avenue in the summer of 19892021-11-26T13:23:28-05:00
Construction of the new bus station on the West side of Maple Avenue in September 19922021-11-26T13:19:28-05:00
Looking North on Bayfield Street towards the Simcoe Hotel during the ‘Big Dig’ in the summer of 19892021-07-26T15:52:10-04:00
Lance Chilton, Steve Miller, George Bryson and Bob McIntyre at CKVR2021-07-18T10:01:56-04:00
Weatherman Bob McIntyre and Cameraman Steve Miller at CKVR studios on Beacon Road2021-07-16T21:26:31-04:00
The Clifton Hotel in October 1992 before demolition2021-07-16T21:20:35-04:00
The Clifton Hotel on Bradford Street is boarded up in its very final days2017-05-29T20:46:32-04:00
Looking towards the bus depot on Simcoe Street. The condo at the foot of Bayfield Street is seen under construction.2017-05-29T20:34:42-04:00
Labour Dispute at Radio Shack.2021-04-08T14:11:53-04:00
Barrie Invitational Basketball Tournament at Barrie North Collegiate.2021-04-08T14:10:27-04:00
Last Surviving Dominion Store in the East End.2021-04-08T14:15:10-04:00
Barrie’s Building Levee Increase.2021-04-08T14:20:50-04:00
Barrie Colts Coach Seeks Revenge.2021-04-08T14:13:36-04:00
Engineering the Spirit Catcher.2021-04-22T13:06:45-04:00
Georgian Grizzlies Basketball.2021-02-02T18:23:58-05:00
B-roll footage showing Georgian Drive and site of New RVH.2021-02-02T18:24:54-05:00
Looking West on Rose Stree fron St. Vincent Street.2017-03-28T23:53:38-04:00
Looking down Burbank Place during construction prior to paving.2017-03-28T23:53:25-04:00
Looking down Burbank Place, part of the newly developed Rosedale subdivision.2017-03-28T23:52:58-04:00
Looking towards 32 Burbank Place shortly after its construction.2017-03-28T23:52:39-04:00
Looking towards Ottaway Avenue. St. Vincent Street runs left to right, Highway 400 can be seen in the distance on the right.2017-03-28T23:52:02-04:00
32 Burbank Place, home of the Miller’s, shortly after moving in.2017-03-28T23:51:41-04:00
Exterior of 32 Burbank Place shortly after being constructed and sold.2017-03-28T23:51:23-04:00
Looking at 32 Burbank Place on a cold winters day.2017-03-28T23:51:11-04:00
Looking at the back of homes built around Rose Street.2017-03-28T23:50:58-04:00
Looking down Burbank Place shortly after construction.2017-03-28T23:50:43-04:00
Residents sit outside admist the construction of the Rosedale subdivision.2017-03-28T23:49:37-04:00
Looking East towards the Eastview Arena.2017-03-28T23:49:02-04:00
A steam train makes its final run crossing over Tiffin Street while onlookers observe.2017-03-28T23:48:34-04:00
A teenager and child pose in front of steam engine 6060 prior to its final departure from the Allandale Train Station.2017-03-28T23:48:04-04:00
Crowds gather as steam engine 6060 prepares to depart from the Allandale Train Station.2017-03-28T23:47:53-04:00
Locals gather on the front lawn of the Allandale Train Station to photograph and greet steam engine 6060 before its final run.2017-03-28T23:47:43-04:00
Steam engine 6060 prepares for its last run.2017-03-28T23:46:42-04:00
Steam locomotive 6060 gets ready to pull out of the Allandale Train Station for its final run.2017-03-28T23:46:25-04:00
Snow is piled high amongst the homes on Burbank Place.2017-03-28T23:46:08-04:00
Looking at the rear of 32 Burbank Place.2017-03-28T23:45:50-04:00
Looking at the rear of the former St. Mary’s School near Poyntz and McDonald Streets prior to demolition.2017-03-28T23:45:22-04:00
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