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Aerial showing ground preparation work for the Georgian Dealership on Barrie View Drive. Hwy 400 can be seen above.2016-09-06T20:01:08-04:00
Aerial looking over the Georgian Dealership shortly after its completion.2016-09-06T20:01:07-04:00
Aerial shot looking East towards Kempenfelt Bay. The Sandy Hollow Landfill site where Ferndale Drive North now runs can be seen in the bottom.2016-09-06T20:01:05-04:00
Aerial showing the Rotary Fountain at Centenntial Park on Kempenfelt Bay. Lakeshore Drive can be seen at the top.2016-09-06T20:00:41-04:00
Aerial shot looking at the backyard of 32 Sylvia Street. Duckworth Street can been seen along the bottom, edge of Bernick Drive and Rose Street on the left side.2016-09-10T04:45:40-04:00
Aerial shot looking North-East towards Little Lake and Georgian College. St. Vincent Street can be seen across the bottom, Wellington Street on the right side.2016-09-06T20:00:39-04:00
Aerial shot showing the Barrie Country Club on St. Vincent Street.2016-09-06T20:00:39-04:00
Aerial shot looking North-West to Little Lake. Hickling Trail and Maitland Park can be seen at the bottom. The new RVH site can be seen being graded.2016-09-06T20:00:38-04:00
Aerial shot looking South-West towards the end of Kempenfelt Bay. St. Monica’s school near the centre bottom; Steele Street on the right side.2016-09-06T20:00:38-04:00
Aerial showing Georgian College below Little Lake with Hwy 400 in between.2016-09-06T19:11:58-04:00
Aerial showing the downtown core, East of Allandale.2016-09-06T18:30:31-04:00
Aerial shot showing 151 Ferris Lane with Highway 400 in front of it.2016-09-06T18:30:18-04:00
Aerial showing downtown East of Allandale including Lakeshore Drive, Centennial Park and the Marina.2016-09-06T18:30:18-04:00
Aerial showing Mapleview Drive West with the newly build Georgian Dealership in the top left.2016-09-06T18:17:26-04:00
Aerial showing the newly completed Georgian Dealership on Barrie View Drive.2016-09-06T18:17:26-04:00
Aerial shot at the intersection of Bayview and Mapleview Drive. The vacant piece of land is where the Barrie Molson Centre was constructed.2016-09-05T21:44:18-04:00
Aerial picture showing the Southshore Centre and Lakeshore Drive.2016-09-05T16:39:39-04:00
An aerial shot looking down at the intersection of Duckworth Street and Bell Farm Road near bottom left. 115 Bell Farm Road is the large building at the bottom.2016-09-05T16:39:35-04:00
Aerial picture showing Eastview Secondary School on Grove Street East.2016-09-05T16:39:35-04:00
Aerial shot looking down Bayfield Street North towards Midhurst.2016-12-04T12:53:05-05:00
Aerial shot looking over City Hall showing Collier, Mulcaster and Worsley Streets.2016-09-05T01:02:51-04:00
Aerial shot looking East, showing the intersection of Duckworth and Rose Streets.2016-09-05T00:44:34-04:00
Aerial shot looking south along Duckworth Street. The plaza at Duckworth and Grove Streets can be seen in the centre.2016-09-05T00:45:56-04:00
Looking onto Lake Simcoe at night where a flotilla of boats are out and ready for the fireworks.2016-05-21T18:09:33-04:00
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