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Looking at houses on the South East side of Worsley Street towards Mulcaster Street.2017-05-30T23:45:40-04:00
90 year old Thomas Sibbald poses in front of 111 Bradford Street.2017-05-30T23:43:05-04:00
Interior of the Orange Lodge on Burton Avenue.2017-05-30T23:42:36-04:00
Elsie Bigelow (left) and the Dinsmore family pose on the Government dock at the foot of Bayfield Street.2017-05-30T23:42:05-04:00
Will Sibbald at his residence at 111 Bradford Street.2017-05-30T23:41:20-04:00
W.A. Fisher Made a Rich Contribution to The Barrie Community.2016-09-11T02:42:01-04:00
A housing complex is hit hard by the tornado.2016-09-05T16:03:26-04:00
A home’s roof is completely severed following the tornado.2016-09-05T16:03:25-04:00
A corner lot home is missing its roof following the tornado.2016-09-05T16:03:23-04:00
Damaged homes on a street in Allandale following the tornado.2016-09-05T16:02:27-04:00
Looking at some of the damaged homes in Allandale from a pile of rubble following the tornado.2016-09-05T16:01:07-04:00
Homes in Allandale are reduced to rubble, while some are completely destroyed after the tornado.2016-09-05T16:01:03-04:00
Garbage and debris litter the streets following the tornado.2016-09-05T16:01:01-04:00
Debris left by the tornado fills the front lawn of this home in Allandale.2016-09-05T16:01:00-04:00
Looking down at the Barrie Raceway following the tornado.2016-09-05T15:55:36-04:00
Traffic slowly makes its way though debris coming South on Morrow Road after the tornado.2016-09-05T15:52:47-04:00
Looking at some of the warehouses damaged and destroyed by the tornado.2016-09-05T15:52:47-04:00
Barrie Public Utitlity workers work on power lines on Morrow Road following the tornado.2016-09-05T15:52:46-04:00
Barrie Public Utility workers work hard to restore power on Patterson Road following the tornado.2016-09-05T15:52:44-04:00
Looking at the ruins of a housing complex in Allandale caused by the tornado.2016-09-05T15:52:43-04:00
Looking down towards the fairgorunds and the Barrie Curling Club following the tornado.2016-09-05T15:52:43-04:00
Barrie Public Utility workers hard at work following the tornado.2016-09-05T15:52:43-04:00
Looking over some of the destruction done to homes in Allandale Heights following the tornado.2016-09-05T15:52:42-04:00
Powerful winds from the tornado lodge a ladder into the side of a home in Allandale.2016-09-05T15:52:42-04:00
Looking over the townhomes on Adelaide Street after the tornado.2016-09-05T15:52:41-04:00
Looking South on Baldwin Lane following the tornado.2016-09-05T15:52:41-04:00
Looking South East at the townhomes on Adelaide Street after being hit by the tornado.2016-09-05T15:52:37-04:00
Looking towards the industrial areas West of Highway 400 following the tornado.2016-09-05T15:50:31-04:00
Tangled powerlines caused by the tornado.2016-09-05T15:50:31-04:00
Looking down the West side of Morrow Road following the tornado.2016-09-05T15:50:31-04:00
Passing cars make their way as part of the Centennial Parade.2016-06-17T19:38:34-04:00
Local employees participate on the Zellers float as part of the Centennial Parade.2016-06-17T19:36:05-04:00
A decorative float is admired by onlookers at the Centennial Parade.2016-10-27T00:35:28-04:00
A local church is represented by their float in the Centennial Parade.2016-06-17T19:13:12-04:00
“Links with the Past” float moving through the city as part of the Centennial Parade.2016-06-17T19:01:48-04:00
Woman in chair and man standing behind her posing at the Sibbald family reunion..2016-06-17T18:24:18-04:00
Thos & Agnes (Nelson) Sibbald at their family reunion in Tollendal.2016-06-17T18:21:43-04:00
Family gathers for a group picture at the Sibbald Reunion.2016-06-17T18:23:44-04:00
The family gathers for a family photo at the Sibbald family reunion.2016-06-17T18:40:17-04:00
Grandpa Sibbald, Irene & Wilfred Nelson, Grandma Sibbald (in chair) at the Sibbald family reunion.2016-06-17T18:40:30-04:00
Three family members posing at the Sibbald family reunion.2016-06-17T18:41:06-04:00
Picnic with Thos Sibbold, Ella Davidson and Edna Ball at Lovers Creek.2016-06-17T18:42:20-04:00
Elsie Bigelow & Ella Davidson posing at Lovers Creek.2016-06-17T18:43:07-04:00
Thos Sibbald and Elsie Bigelow.2016-06-17T18:48:38-04:00
Edna Ball, Mavis and Eleanor Owens at a bush lot off of Big Bay Point Road.2016-06-17T18:45:58-04:00
Melrose, Mabel and Mary Partridge.2016-06-17T18:48:44-04:00
Mary Kirby, long time teacher at Price of Wales amd friend of Owens family, sitting in her garden.2016-06-17T18:48:56-04:00
A beautifully designed float makes its course as part of the Centennial Parade.2016-06-17T19:04:46-04:00
A float with a gate enclosure makes its way through downtown during the Centennial Parade.2016-06-17T19:01:15-04:00
Thos Sibbald and Elsie Bigelow Owens at the Barrie Train Station.2016-06-17T18:51:56-04:00
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