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The Barrie Temperance Band near the Barrie Railway Station in Memorial Square2023-12-14T19:13:37-05:00
The 1870 Woodlands estate on Kempenfelt Bay near Shanty Bay2023-12-01T12:12:50-05:00
The first Trinity Church was built in 1835 on Berczy Street2023-11-18T09:12:16-05:00
John Street (Maple Avenue) looking South from Ross Street2023-06-28T13:09:08-04:00
The Barrie Band indoor photo, location unknown2023-04-17T15:05:22-04:00
The Lady of the Lake steamer approaches the wharf at the Barrie train station2023-01-18T21:04:17-05:00
Looking East from Toronto Street along the railway tracks towards Bayfield Street2023-01-18T20:55:39-05:00
The Reform Episcopal Church at 39 Collier Street was designed by architect Thomas Kennedy2022-01-16T10:33:26-05:00
Looking East on Dunlop Street from Five Points, cyclists in the foreground2022-01-09T16:47:18-05:00
The C.A. Perkins store was located in the McCarthy Block on Dunlop Street East, between Five Points and Memorial Square2022-01-09T16:39:08-05:00
A view of the McCarthy Block on the South side of Dunlop Street East between Five Points and Memorial Square2022-01-09T16:33:50-05:00
Door, Sash and Blind facory, located at 120 Bayfield Street, was built in 18682021-09-16T19:36:44-04:00
The Salvation Army citadel on Collier Street2021-09-16T16:42:33-04:00
The E. Sevigny Carriage works in the Marrin Block building was located between Market Square and Collier Street Methodist Church. It collapsed in a 1895 fire2021-09-16T15:39:46-04:00
The federal building (post office) built in the 1950’s at the Northwest corner of Collier and Owen Streets, the former site of the Victoria School2023-10-06T15:11:44-04:00
The West side of the Barrie Collegiate Institute showing the enclosed hall to the grammar school2021-09-16T08:44:12-04:00
Looking toward the pipe organ at the front of Collier Street Methodist Church2021-08-21T20:42:32-04:00
Looking out over the interior of Collier Street Methodist Church from the upper gallery2021-08-21T20:39:32-04:00
The Fraser’s Exchange Hotel on Dunlop Street2021-07-08T09:34:34-04:00
St. Thomas’ Anglican Church in Shanty Bay officially opened on February 27, 18422021-02-27T10:46:04-05:00
The Registry Office located at the North East corner of Mulcaster and Worsley Street. The county jail in on the hill in the background2021-02-19T18:06:19-05:00
A sketch of early Barrie looking north from the head of Kempenfelt Bay2021-02-19T17:47:58-05:00
An advertisement for the steamer the Beaver which operated on Lake Simcoe2021-02-19T17:37:26-05:00
St. George’s Anglican Church on Burton Avenue was built in 18922021-02-13T17:16:57-05:00
The home of builder George Ball was located at 62 John Street (now Maple Avenue)2021-09-16T10:27:51-04:00
The Examiner Printing Office located at 139 Dunlop Street East2021-02-03T11:49:11-05:00
An advertisement in an 1873 Northern Gazette for Miss Morton’s shop on Dunlop Street2021-02-03T11:40:01-05:00
An advertisement in the Northern Gazette for John Stephen’s Photogragh Gallery2021-02-03T11:16:19-05:00
A stagecoach advertisement from the Simcoe County Directory2021-02-03T11:12:14-05:00
The steamer Enterprise at the old wharf at Big Bay Point2021-02-03T10:49:11-05:00
The Burton Avenue School or South Ward School before it was demolished and rebuilt. It was later renamed King Edward Public School2021-01-25T15:32:57-05:00
Barrie Collegiate Institute on Bradford Street2021-12-17T09:53:44-05:00
St. Joseph’s High School on Mulcaster Street2021-11-12T22:34:46-05:00
Oakley Park School located at the corner of Davidson and Grove Streets2021-11-12T22:32:45-05:00
Johnson Street School on Johnson Street2021-11-12T22:38:16-05:00
Hillcrest School located on Toronto Street2021-11-12T22:35:24-05:00
Barrie North Collegiate on Grove Street2021-11-12T22:37:44-05:00
The South Ward or Burton Avenue School, later renamed King Edward School2021-11-12T22:36:37-05:00
St. Mary’s Separate School was located on Courthouse Hill on Codrington Street2021-11-12T22:33:22-05:00
The West Ward School on Bradford Street, later renamed Prince of Wales School2021-11-12T22:34:08-05:00
The Central School (later renamed Victoria School) which was located on the North West corner of Collier and Owen Streets2021-11-12T22:36:00-05:00
Simpson’s Simcoe Steam Brewery at 10 Mary Street was later owned by the Anderton family2020-11-03T13:17:56-05:00
Ice harvesting on Kempenfelt Bay. The Anderton’s Fair View Brewery on Victoria Street can be seen in the background to the right2020-11-03T13:12:47-05:00
Looking West from Poyntz Street at the court house on Worsley Street2020-10-10T16:19:54-04:00
The original county courthouse of 1843 was incorporated into the 1877 enlarged building that was later demolished in 19772020-10-10T16:03:53-04:00
The original county courthouse2020-10-10T15:58:17-04:00
The Allandale Presyterian Church on Essa Road was built in 19012020-10-10T15:53:59-04:00
Looking East from the Fire Hall tower at Collier Street, the Methodist church and the Victoria Hotel2021-07-24T15:06:51-04:00
Looking East at the South side of Dunlop Street from 119 towards Mulcaster Street2022-10-21T18:33:50-04:00
Looking West on Collier Street at Barrie City Hall2020-08-27T19:59:35-04:00
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