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The Fraser’s Exchange Hotel on Dunlop Street2021-07-08T09:34:34-04:00
St. Thomas’ Anglican Church in Shanty Bay officially opened on February 27, 18422021-02-27T10:46:04-05:00
The Registry Office located at the North East corner of Mulcaster and Worsley Street. The county jail in on the hill in the background2021-02-19T18:06:19-05:00
A sketch of early Barrie looking north from the head of Kempenfelt Bay2021-02-19T17:47:58-05:00
An advertisement for the steamer the Beaver which operated on Lake Simcoe2021-02-19T17:37:26-05:00
St. George’s Anglican Church on Burton Avenue was built in 18922021-02-13T17:16:57-05:00
The home of builder George Ball was located at 62 John Street (now Maple Avenue)2021-02-13T17:11:29-05:00
The Examiner Printing Office located at 139 Dunlop Street East2021-02-03T11:49:11-05:00
An advertisement in an 1873 Northern Gazette for Miss Morton’s shop on Dunlop Street2021-02-03T11:40:01-05:00
An advertisement in the Northern Gazette for John Stephen’s Photogragh Gallery2021-02-03T11:16:19-05:00
A stagecoach advertisement from the Simcoe County Directory2021-02-03T11:12:14-05:00
The steamer Enterprise at the old wharf at Big Bay Point2021-02-03T10:49:11-05:00
The Burton Avenue School or South Ward School before it was demolished and rebuilt. It was later renamed King Edward Public School2021-01-25T15:32:57-05:00
Barrie Collegiate Institute on Bradford Street2021-01-23T21:08:15-05:00
St. Joseph’s High School on Mulcaster Street2021-01-23T21:08:57-05:00
Oakley Park School located at the corner of Davidson and Grove Streets2021-01-23T21:09:34-05:00
Johnson Street School on Johnson Street2021-01-23T21:10:08-05:00
Hillcrest School located on Toronto Street2021-01-23T21:10:38-05:00
Barrie North Collegiate on Grove Street2021-01-23T21:11:11-05:00
The South Ward or Burton Avenue School, later renamed King Edward School2021-01-23T21:12:01-05:00
St. Mary’s Separate School was located on Courthouse Hill on Codrington Street2021-01-23T21:12:35-05:00
The West Ward School on Bradford Street, later renamed Prince of Wales School2021-01-23T21:13:09-05:00
The Central School (later renamed Victoria School) which was located on the North West corner of Collier and Owen Streets2021-01-23T21:13:56-05:00
Simpson’s Simcoe Steam Brewery at 10 Mary Street was later owned by the Anderton family2020-11-03T13:17:56-05:00
Ice harvesting on Kempenfelt Bay. The Anderton’s Fair View Brewery on Victoria Street can be seen in the background to the right2020-11-03T13:12:47-05:00
Looking West from Poyntz Street at the court house on Worsley Street2020-10-10T16:19:54-04:00
The original county courthouse of 1843 was incorporated into the 1877 enlarged building that was later demolished in 19772020-10-10T16:03:53-04:00
The original county courthouse2020-10-10T15:58:17-04:00
The Allandale Presyterian Church on Essa Road was built in 19012020-10-10T15:53:59-04:00
Looking East from the Fire Hall tower at Collier Street, the Methodist church and the Victoria Hotel2021-07-24T15:06:51-04:00
Looking East at the South side of Dunlop Street from 119 towards Mulcaster Street2020-08-27T20:15:44-04:00
Looking West on Collier Street at Barrie City Hall2020-08-27T19:59:35-04:00
Looking West at Duff Grocer located on Dunlop Street at Memorial Square2021-05-20T16:13:32-04:00
The pavilion at St. Vincent Park between Kempenfelt Drive and Blake Street2020-08-27T19:47:54-04:00
Dougall Brothers Furniture about 16 Dunlop Street East2020-08-27T19:44:17-04:00
The interior of St. Mary’s church on Mulcaster Street, built in 1872 and designed by Shearman Bird2020-08-27T19:38:42-04:00
The first Sacred Heart of Mary church and buriel grounds were on the East side of Mulcaster Street just North of the jail.2020-08-27T19:35:39-04:00
St.Mary’s church was designed by Shearman Bird and built in 1872. The deanery and church were located on Mulcaster Street2020-08-27T19:31:36-04:00
A page from the County of Simcoe Directory describing the Northern Railway Company2020-08-14T14:20:33-04:00
Looking West down Collier Street from the fire hall tower2020-08-28T09:44:34-04:00
The old Barrie Post Office on the South East corner of Collier and Owen Streets. The Barrie Mill and Fire Hall can be seen further East on Collier Street2020-07-24T12:55:04-04:00
Wilkinson’s Flour Mill located at 20 John Street (Maple Avenue) south of Elizabeth Street2020-07-24T12:36:47-04:00
Looking East on Collier Street towards the post office, Parker grist mill and fire hall on the South side of the street and the Victoria school and Trinity Anglican church building on the North side.2020-07-23T22:07:25-04:00
The Grand Lodge of Ontario Oddfellows in session on their 70th annivesary are assembled in front of the Agricultural Hall main fair grounds building on Bradford Street2020-07-16T21:17:52-04:00
Demolition of wheelwright and carpenter shop located on Bayfield Street behind the Simcoe Hotel2020-07-13T17:01:40-04:00
A view of the Tollendal grist mill in the late 1880’s2020-07-03T15:20:58-04:00
The Tollendal grist mill in the late 1880’s2020-07-03T15:18:36-04:00
A view of the eastern end of the Boys Block on the South side of Dunlop Street towards Mulcaster Street2020-07-03T15:11:30-04:00
Looking West along Worsley Street from the court house. The chimney from Dougall’s Furniture can be seen, as well as Trinity Church2020-07-03T15:06:44-04:00
Looking North East from Market Square at Dougall’s Furniture factory2020-07-03T15:03:10-04:00
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