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Looking North East at Chula Vista on Essa Road2021-10-08T16:49:55-04:00
A view of Chula Vista on Essa Road, former home of Robert H. King, beekeeper2021-10-08T16:44:22-04:00
A view of the stonework in front of beekeper Robert H. King’s home Chula Vista, built in 19202021-10-08T11:11:41-04:00
Robert King built his Essa Road home Chula Vista in 19202021-10-08T11:06:38-04:00
Chula Vista was the home of beekeeper Robert King, built on Essa Road in 19202021-10-08T11:03:17-04:00
Chula Vista on Essa Road was built in 1920 by beekeeper Robert H. King2021-10-08T11:00:15-04:00
Looking at the South side of the form John Talbot Dyment home on the South West corner of Dunlop and High Streets2021-09-27T18:27:24-04:00
Looking at the former home of John Talbot Dyment located at the corner of High and Dunlop Streets2021-09-27T18:24:36-04:00
Glenholme located at 62-64 High Street was built in 1872 by George Willet Lount2021-09-25T10:38:23-04:00
The home of brewer and former mayor Robert Simpson at 30 Mary Street2021-09-16T15:15:44-04:00
he dedication tablet for the Ardagh Memorial Home resides at Trinity Anglican Church since the home on Louisa (Dunlop) Street was demolished2021-09-10T22:09:56-04:00
Built by 1856 by Grammar School headmaster Frederic Gore, this Georgian style home is located at 126 Blake Street2021-09-03T20:46:03-04:00
The former Grammar School Boarding House located at 126 Blake Street2021-09-03T20:13:01-04:00
The former St.Paul’s Anglican Church on Doran Road was built in 1881 and finished in 18832021-08-28T15:51:15-04:00
The former St. Paul’s Anglican Church on Doran Road was completed in 18832021-08-28T15:47:56-04:00
The former Township Hall on Doran Road was built in 19272021-08-28T15:42:26-04:00
The Midhurst Community Centre on Doran Road was built in 19272021-08-28T15:36:14-04:00
The former Murchison home Woodlawn at the corner of Sunnidale Road and Shirley Avenue was built in the 1870’s2021-08-13T12:26:44-04:00
The Grenfel Wesleyan Methodist Church was built in 1873, first as a frame building, then raised and bricked in 19152021-08-07T18:22:10-04:00
The former home of the Hunter family at 230 Kempenfelt Drive was built about 18752021-07-31T20:43:48-04:00
The cover of a book of paintings and essays by Joanna McEwan on the churches of Oro-Medonte Township2021-07-24T11:33:41-04:00
The home at 49 Mary was likely built in the early 1870’s by Humphrey Bennett (father of Barrie mayor John Bennett) and later occupied by grocer H.E. McCullough2021-06-24T09:29:30-04:00
This house at 83 Mary Street is the former home of grocer H.E. McCullough2021-06-24T09:00:24-04:00
This home was built about 1873 by Charles Henry Clark and later occupied by Dr. H. Wallwon, then Dr. N.W. Rogers2021-06-24T08:46:26-04:00
Built about 1873 by Charles Henry Clark, this was later home to Dr. H. Wallwin then Dr. Norman Rogers2021-06-24T08:40:52-04:00
The former home of Emma King, teacher, located at 13 Poyntz Street2021-06-18T07:12:00-04:00
Looking South from Wellington Street at the back of Ardtrea, the home of Thomas McConkey2021-06-16T21:35:50-04:00
The West side of Thomas McConkey’s ‘Ardtrea’ located at 101 Clapperton Street2021-06-16T21:16:35-04:00
The front entrance to ‘Ardtrea’, Thomas McConkey’s home at 101 Clapperton Street2021-06-16T20:10:38-04:00
Ardtrea, located at 101 Clapperton Street was built in the 1870’s for Thomas D. McConkey2021-06-16T20:05:28-04:00
Looking Northwest at ‘Ardtrea’ Thomas McConkey’s home2021-06-16T19:59:15-04:00
A stained glass window on the West side of ‘Ardtrea’ located at 101 Clapperton Street2021-06-16T19:52:45-04:00
The decorative chimney stacks and bargeboard of Thomas D. McConkey’s ‘Ardtrea’ located at 101 Clapperton Street2021-06-16T19:48:10-04:00
Strathaven or the Wattie House was built in 1872 and located on Highway 26 at Wilson Drive2021-06-12T20:12:32-04:00
The Wattie House was built in 1872 and was called Strathaven2021-06-12T20:06:00-04:00
The Wattie House (Strathaven) was built in 1872 and is located at Highway 26 and Wilson Drive2021-06-12T20:07:52-04:00
Built about 1888 for civil engineer Henry Holgate, Group of Seven artist Edwin Holgate was born in this home in 18922021-05-22T13:44:08-04:00
The former home of civil engineer Henry Holdate and his son Group of Seven artist Edwin Holgate was built about 18882021-05-22T13:35:21-04:00
The gardener’s lodge at the former Parklands estate2021-05-12T17:12:41-04:00
Historical marker describing Thunder Bridge which was built in 1911 and demolished in 19712021-05-11T16:32:37-04:00
Mausoleum where Alderman and grocer Harry J. Buchanan is buried2021-04-30T20:25:22-04:00
The Old Town Hall of Oro was built in 1868 and used for the Oro World’s Fair since 1869 as a Community Centre2021-04-18T19:32:40-04:00
The former family home of future downtown merchant W.C. Hunter2021-04-17T13:44:43-04:00
The former home of merchant William Charles Hunter and his wife Claudina located at 159 Owen Street2021-04-17T13:36:50-04:00
he house at 121 Mulcaster Street was the family home of W.C. Hunter, future merchant2021-04-17T13:26:19-04:00
Rose Cottage was built in the 1840’s by John Bingham. It was later part of Newton’s farm on Davidson Street2021-03-13T21:35:12-05:00
The Bell Canada Central Office located at 140 Bayfield Street2021-03-06T22:04:30-05:00
The former Bell Telephone Company building on Dunlop Street West2021-03-06T21:05:55-05:00
The rear of the former Bell Telephone building on Dunlop Street2021-03-06T20:31:34-05:00
The former St. James Anglican Church on Highway 93 in Crown Hill was built in 18552021-02-27T16:25:12-05:00
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