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The barn on the Three Oaks Property, built by Alexander McKenzie about 18742023-03-11T15:34:59-05:00
The gravestone of Lt. Col. Alexander McKenzie 35th Battalion Simcoe Foresters2023-03-11T15:24:20-05:00
The former vicarage of Trinity Anglican Church at 130 Collier Street2023-03-02T07:47:51-05:00
The building at 13-15 Clapperton Street was originally a garage in 19072023-02-17T19:02:14-05:00
The south side of the former William Lennox home in Ivy2023-01-21T18:05:53-05:00
Christ Church Anglican Church in Ivy was built in 18622023-01-21T18:01:05-05:00
The former Presbyterian manse located at 62 Finlay Mill Road2023-01-11T16:56:25-05:00
A marker to commemorate the mill which was located on Willow Creek at Finlay Mill Road2023-01-11T14:01:06-05:00
A view of the Midhurst United Church on Doran Road, built in 18872023-01-11T16:58:23-05:00
The pioneer burial ground on Doran Road in Midhurst2023-01-11T11:10:55-05:00
A view of headstone remains of the earl settler burying ground on Doran Road in Midhurst2023-01-11T11:07:19-05:00
A pioneer memorial and millstone located near the Finlay Mill Road bridge in Midhurst2023-01-11T11:02:51-05:00
The building marker on the Minesing school, designed by Barrie architech Thomas Kennedy2022-12-09T20:37:48-05:00
Minesing S.S. No. 9 school was designed by architect Thomas Kennedy2022-12-09T20:32:19-05:00
Home located at 209 Bayfield Street2022-12-03T11:05:25-05:00
Home at 209 Bayfield Street2022-12-03T11:03:11-05:00
Beverly Hall at 142 Collingwood Street was built in 1879 for Dr. Charles and Mrs. Isabella Bosanko2022-11-03T19:07:57-04:00
A semi-detached home located at 2-4 Innisfil Street2022-10-29T17:42:01-04:00
The doorway to the former Brown and Company seed business on Dunlop Street East. The iron columns were made at the Sewery Foundry2022-10-21T18:11:56-04:00
The home at 228 Dunlop Street East once belong to seedsman J.J. Brown2022-10-21T15:59:27-04:00
The former home of seedsman J.J. Brown2022-10-21T15:54:54-04:00
The former home of J.J. Brown of Brown’s Seeds at 228 Dunlop Street East2022-10-21T15:34:52-04:00
The house at 11 Nelson Square East was built in the 1870’s2022-10-15T20:49:57-04:00
The home of printer Alexander Laurie and his wife Frances Drury was built about 18742022-09-10T21:58:27-04:00
Belleview was built at 93 Berczy Street in the 1870’s for Jonathan Henderson a local hardware merchant2022-09-02T20:25:02-04:00
A home at 2 Penetang Street2022-07-30T22:52:41-04:00
The home at 214 Dunlop Street West was built about 1900 for George Richard Warnica and his wife Mary2022-07-23T13:16:33-04:00
Houses at 117 and 113 Owen Street2022-07-02T21:55:31-04:00
Former home of H.J. Grasett, Judge J.G. Harvie and Leighton ‘Hap’ Emms located at 19 Dundonald Street2022-05-27T11:04:54-04:00
Foxley was built in 1911 and located in the East End at 16 Blake Street2022-05-13T20:10:23-04:00
The Minesing Methodist Church was designed by architect Eustace Bird and built in 1896. It was deconsecrated 125 years to the day that it opened2022-05-13T19:09:57-04:00
The former home of Barrie Tannery icon John Sinclair and Barrie mayor Peter Sinclair, located at 42 Toronto Street2022-05-13T18:57:11-04:00
Claireaux located at 52 High Street was the home of Post. Office INspector Daniel Spry2022-05-09T11:00:59-04:00
1896 Methodist Church designed by Eustace Bird2022-04-10T22:38:34-04:00
The Methodist Church was built in 18962022-04-10T21:51:34-04:00
Eustace Bird designed the Methodist Church in Minesing in 18962022-04-10T21:47:53-04:00
The Methodist Church in Minesing was built in 1896 by Eustace Bird2022-04-10T21:41:36-04:00
The former home of merchant and Registrar of Deeds, George Vickers2022-04-09T15:43:23-04:00
The East side of the Ardagh row houses built in the 1860’s at the corner of Owen and Worsley Streets2022-03-25T11:42:48-04:00
The Ardaph cottages were built in the 1860’s by former mayor William D. Ardagh at 70 Worsley Street2022-03-25T11:37:36-04:00
Looking at the Ardagh cottages at the corner of Owen and Worsley Streets2022-03-25T11:40:00-04:00
Looking at the East side of the former Holly United Church from the back of the property2022-03-18T19:39:21-04:00
The home of former Barrie Town Clerk and Treasurer Arthur Wellington Smith at 144 Maple Avenue2022-03-05T10:45:56-05:00
House located at 21 Collier Street. Cancilla Fruit Warehouse is at the rear of the building2022-02-11T13:25:59-05:00
Cancilla’s Fruit Warehouse located at the rear of 21 Collier Street2022-02-11T13:21:51-05:00
Burton Avenue United Church is located at the corner of Burton Avenue and William Street2022-01-26T15:32:33-05:00
Barrie Creamery owner William Tordiff once lived in this home at 136 Burton Avenue2022-01-25T11:18:01-05:00
Home at 132 Burton Avenue was once owned by former Barrie Creamery owner William Tordiff2022-01-25T11:12:32-05:00
This 1887 home was designed by architect Thomas Kennedy for Simcoe Hotel proprietor Michael Shanacy2022-01-16T10:15:07-05:00
Lilac Villa was the home of Barrie architect Thomas Kennedy (1849-1916)2022-01-16T09:22:45-05:00
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