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The former St. James Anglican Church on Highway 93 in Crown Hill was built in 18552021-02-27T16:25:12-05:00
Many of Crown Hill’s original pioneers are buried in the St. James Church cemetery2021-02-27T16:26:18-05:00
The cemetery behind the former St. James Anglican Church overlooks Wonder Valley and a view of Barrie in the distance2021-02-27T16:26:57-05:00
The former St. James Anglican Church in Crown Hill was built in 18552021-02-27T16:27:43-05:00
The 1981 International Plowing Match was held on George Atkinson’s farm in Crown Hill2021-02-27T12:32:36-05:00
Roselawn was built at 9 Bradford Street in 1865 for Major Joseph Rogers2021-02-20T15:19:18-05:00
The one-time home and location of the Whitebread carriage maker’s shop2021-02-20T15:10:06-05:00
Major Joseph Roger’s home Roselawn was built in 18652021-02-20T14:52:44-05:00
Roselawn was built in 1865 for Major Joseph Rogers2021-02-20T14:47:26-05:00
Roselawn, located at 9 Bradford Street, was built in 1865 for Major Joseph and Mrs. Anne (Whitebread) Rogers2021-02-20T14:41:29-05:00
The house at 169 Bayfield Street was once the home of H.B. Joyner, John Barr and George Ball2021-02-13T18:39:24-05:00
The Oro African Church was declared a National Historic Site in 20002021-02-06T10:58:53-05:00
The Oro African Church was built in the 1840’s2021-02-06T10:54:50-05:00
he South side of 178 Bayfield Street, home of former 1908 Barrie mayor John H. Bennett2021-01-14T21:22:40-05:00
This Queen Anne style home was built in 1895 for John H. Bennett, Mayor of Barrie in 19082021-01-14T21:17:13-05:00
The home at 178 Bayfield Street was built for John H. Bennett, Mayor of Barrie in 19082021-01-14T21:07:37-05:00
The home at 178 Bayfield Street once belonged to Mayor John H. Bennett2021-01-14T20:54:30-05:00
The grave of former 1908 Barrie mayor John H. Bennett2021-01-14T19:55:49-05:00
Mayor Donald Ross lived in this home at 168 Dunlop Street East until his death in 19292021-01-02T23:02:02-05:00
The house at 13 Poyntz Street was once the home of Emma King, teacher and first woman to sit on the Barrie Public Library Board2021-01-02T22:07:06-05:00
Fire Chief James Shrubsole once lived in this home at 123 Collier Street2021-01-02T21:46:08-05:00
The building at 55 Dunlop Street East was once the location of Alex Milne Merchant Tailor (formerly 47-49 Dunlop Street)2020-12-30T14:11:19-05:00
This residence at 111 Mulcaster Street was the former home of Alex Milne, merchant tailor2020-12-30T13:19:32-05:00
A view of the East side of Essa Road between Gowan Street and Cumberland Street2020-12-05T11:41:34-05:00
A view of the Abercrombie building at the corner of Essa Road and Cumberland Street2020-12-05T11:35:31-05:00
A view of 4 and 8 Essa Road at the corner of Tiffin Street2020-12-05T11:16:53-05:00
Looking North East at the corner of Essa Road and Cumberland Street2020-12-05T11:00:31-05:00
The Ontario Buildings were erected in 1876 after a fire destroyed the north side of Dunlop Street between Clapperton and Owen Streets2020-11-28T10:49:38-05:00
In the 1880’s, Rice’s Cigar Store and Bath Rooms were located in this building2020-11-20T15:36:27-05:00
Sidsworth family gravestone at Barrie Union Cemetery on Sunnidale Road2020-11-13T11:12:58-05:00
Located at 113 Collier Street, this house was once home to Mayor FEP Pepler, Joseph Anderton and Judge Ronald Gunn2020-11-07T10:30:11-05:00
The home of former Mayor F.E.P. Pepler, located at 113 Collier Street2020-11-06T18:30:22-05:00
Carnoevar located at 5 Wellington Street East was built in 1863 for barrister D’Alton McCarthy2020-11-03T12:05:47-05:00
Home located at 84 Wellington Street East that was designed by Eustace Bird2020-10-20T10:51:33-04:00
Home at 84 Wellington Street East designed by architect Eustace Bird2020-10-20T10:43:04-04:00
Former home of Alfred J. Carson at 77 Mary Street. Carson owned a tonsorial parlor located in a Dunlop Street cigar shop2020-10-19T17:37:35-04:00
S.S. No 12 now on Ferndale Drive was originally part of Vespra Township2020-10-16T21:41:43-04:00
Vespra Township S.S. No 12 on Ferndale Drive opened in 18992020-10-16T21:37:45-04:00
The North side of the old Vespra Township S.S. No 12 located on Ferndale Drive2020-10-16T21:31:43-04:00
The North side of Pearson House (18 Mary Street)2020-10-10T22:54:24-04:00
The Southern view (side) of the additions made to Pearson House in the 19th century2020-10-10T22:47:00-04:00
Looking North on Mary Street at the John Pearson House2020-10-10T22:29:54-04:00
Looking out a basement window, where the kitchen and sevant quarters were located in Pearson House2020-10-10T21:23:29-04:00
A view of John Pearson house, built in the mid 1840’s2020-10-10T21:15:02-04:00
Rare basment bake oven (believed to be the only remaining one in Barrie) in Pearson House2020-10-10T21:10:34-04:00
The curved staircase inside the Pearson House on Mary Street2020-10-10T21:02:32-04:00
The John Pearson house on Mary Street was built in the mid 1840’s2020-10-10T20:54:43-04:00
Looking at the North side of Dunlop Street just West of Mulcaster Street2020-09-11T19:53:45-04:00
8 Essa Road was the home an business of Wesley Webb, jeweler and GTR watch inspector2020-09-04T16:49:41-04:00
A typical railway worker’s timepiece from the 1930’s which was inspected by Wesley Webb2020-09-04T16:28:11-04:00
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