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The first location of Robinson Hardware at 39 Dunlop Street West2023-07-14T19:11:08-04:00
A view of the Simmons Coat Store and signature bear, in the McCarthy Block on Dunlop Street East2022-01-09T17:39:49-05:00
Bayfield-The former Thomas Cundle (later Brown) farm was located at Bayfield Street and Cundles Road2021-09-11T18:46:13-04:00
The former Anderton residence at the South East corner of Ellen and Victoria Streets2021-09-10T21:22:48-04:00
The intersection at Ross Street and Bayfield Street, showing commercial businesses on Bayfield Street.2017-03-03T11:58:23-05:00
Rose Street and St. Vincent Street, showing the sports field of Barrie North Collegiate.2017-03-03T11:56:09-05:00
Penetang Street and Codrington Street between Mulcaster Street and Dundonald Street.2017-03-03T11:55:26-05:00
Looking over Five Points and surrounding areas.2017-03-03T11:54:29-05:00
Intersection at Bayfield Street and Wellington Street .2021-02-13T18:23:53-05:00
The intersection at St. Vincent Street and Grove Street East.2017-02-28T23:25:09-05:00
Ferndale Road South looking over Ferndale Woods School and surrounding area.2017-02-28T23:24:44-05:00
Mapleview Drive West and Lougheed Road.2017-02-28T23:24:24-05:00
Mapleview Drive West and Marsellus Drive.2017-02-28T23:23:33-05:00
Mapleview Drive West and Twiss Drive.2017-02-28T23:23:19-05:00
Mapleview Drive West and Red Oak Drive area.2017-02-28T23:23:11-05:00
Barrie Molson Center at Mapleview Drive East and Bayview Drive.2017-02-28T23:22:16-05:00
Barrie View Drive and Mapleview Drive West.2017-02-28T23:21:52-05:00
Commercial businesses at Mapleview Drive at Big Bay Point Road.2017-02-28T23:21:26-05:00
Intersection at Mapleview Drive West and Veterens Drive.2017-02-28T23:20:23-05:00
Mapleview Drive West and Bryne Drive showing the water tower.2017-02-28T23:19:39-05:00
The intersection at Big Bay Point Road and Welham Road, showing the industrial and commercial area.2017-02-28T23:19:27-05:00
Welham Road at Big Bay Point Road.2017-02-28T23:19:14-05:00
Big Bay Point Road at Ashford Drive.2017-02-28T23:19:05-05:00
Commerical property being prepared at Big Bay Point and Yonge Street (Highway 11).2017-02-28T23:18:26-05:00
Leggott Avenue at Big Bay Point and Loon Avenue, showing the commercial plaza.2017-02-28T23:17:45-05:00
Cox Mill Road from Yonge Street to just past Hurst Street, showing the railway line and Lovers Creek2017-02-28T23:17:21-05:00
The intersection at Big Bay Point Road and Loon Avenue and Leggott Avenue. St. Michael the Archangel Catholic School and the commercial plaza are shown.2017-02-28T20:28:28-05:00
Residential area at Cox Mill Road at Dock Road, Hurst Drive, Taylor Drive, Felt Crescent and Kingsridge Road.2017-02-23T13:36:56-05:00
Yonge Street between Minet’s Point Road and Little Avenue.2017-02-23T13:36:35-05:00
Looking over Dunlop Street West and sorrounding areas.2017-02-23T13:36:24-05:00
Blake Street with East End Plaza below and Codrington Street in the above middle.2017-02-23T13:35:55-05:00
Maple Avenue ending at Simcoe Street and Lakeshore Drive, showing the bus station and community dock.2023-01-18T19:24:10-05:00
North end of Bayfield Mall, at Bayfield Street and Glenwood Drive.2017-02-21T16:53:25-05:00
Collier Street between Owen Street and Berczy Street, showing Collier Street United Church, Collier Place and other residences and businesses.2017-02-21T16:52:23-05:00
Aerial view of the Courthouse and former jail surrounded by Worsley Street, Poyntz Street and Mulcaster Street. Berczy Street is also shown.2017-02-21T16:51:56-05:00
Dunlop and Collier Streets area, showing the marina and the waterfront.2017-02-21T16:51:00-05:00
Dunlop Street West at Five Points.2017-02-21T16:49:58-05:00
Eugenia Street meeting at Berzcy Street.2017-02-21T16:49:48-05:00
Grove Street East, Davidson Street and Gunn Street, showing Barrie North Collegiate Secondary School.2017-02-21T16:49:38-05:00
Bayfield Street at Livingstone Street West, showing the Water Tower and Walmart Plaza, and some of the Springwater Plaza.2017-02-20T10:54:17-05:00
Bayfield Street at Heather Street showing buisnesses on Bayfield Street including the Kozlov Center. Wendy’s and Swiss Chalet.2017-02-20T10:53:09-05:00
Aerial view of Dunlop Street West, showing Highway 400 and Centennial Business.2017-02-14T17:57:06-05:00
Aerial view of Bayfield Street South, showing Worsley Street, Ross Street and Collier Street intersections.2017-02-14T17:56:32-05:00
Aerial view of Lakeshore Drive at Tiffin Street, showing the Tiffin Boat Launch area.2017-02-14T17:56:13-05:00
Aerial view of Dunlop Street West at Highway 400.2017-02-14T17:55:19-05:00
Aerial view of Dunlop Street West at Highway 400, showing Anne Street North.2017-02-14T17:54:27-05:00
Aerial view of Lakeshore Drive & Simcoe Street, showing Heritage Park, and the dock at the base of Bayfield Street.2017-02-14T17:53:55-05:00
Aerial view of Dunlop Street West at Ferndale Drive North, showing the Landfill on Ferndale Drive.2017-02-14T17:53:19-05:00
Aerial view of Anne Street North between George Street and Edgehill Drive, showing Dunlop Street West and Hwy 400.2017-02-14T17:53:01-05:00
Aerial look of Downtown and Allandale showing the marina and Lakeshore Drive.2017-02-14T17:52:38-05:00
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