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Ovenden was built by the Strathy family on the South side of Blake Street. It later became Ovenden College (closed in 1950) and demolished in 19682022-05-13T18:18:48-04:00
The new Flamenco Condominiums at 215 Dunlop Street East on the former site of Bayview Apartments and Barrie Brewery2021-07-24T13:26:44-04:00
A view of the condo construction at 215 Dunlop Street East on the site of the old Barrie Brewery Building2020-05-07T14:04:53-04:00
Looking West at the construction of the condo at 215 Dunlop Street East in March on the site of the former Barrie Brewery2020-05-07T14:05:36-04:00
The Canadian Academy of Music float in a summer parade2019-01-21T21:13:46-05:00
The Grey Coach Bus Terminal on Maple Avenue2019-01-21T21:10:38-05:00
The Bus Terminal on Maple Avenue2019-01-21T21:09:04-05:00
The former Lakeview Dairy building is closed and pending demolition.2019-01-21T20:47:44-05:00
Looking east towards old Lakeview Dairy building on Dunlop Street.2019-01-21T20:46:20-05:00
The Rameses Temple float in the Masonic Parade2019-01-21T20:40:36-05:00
The Niagara Shrine Club boat float in the Masonic Parade2019-01-21T20:39:05-05:00
The Kawartha Sheba Shrine Club Engineers vehicle in the Masonic Parade2019-01-21T20:37:26-05:00
Shriners marching down Mulcaster Street in the Masonic Parade2019-01-21T20:35:34-05:00
Shriners march down Mulcaster Street near City Hall in the Masonic Parade2019-01-21T20:33:51-05:00
Jack Wallwin rides in the Barrie Sheba Shrine Club car in the Masonic Parade2019-01-21T20:32:05-05:00
Camel Herders Unit float in the Masonic Parade2019-01-21T20:29:53-05:00
An old steam vehicle in the Masonic Parade2019-01-21T20:28:07-05:00
A vintage car in the Masonic Parade2019-01-21T20:26:16-05:00
A Shriner float from Guelph turns down Mulcaster Street in the Masonic Parade2019-01-21T20:24:29-05:00
A Shriner clown talks to a baby along the Masonic parade route2019-01-21T20:22:41-05:00
A man in a genie costume in the Masonic Parade2019-01-21T20:20:59-05:00
A crowd watches the Masonic parade at the corner of Mulcaster and Collier Streets2019-01-21T20:19:21-05:00
A crowd standing in front of City Hall on Collier Street watches the Masonic Parade2019-01-21T20:17:36-05:00
A band marches in the Masonic Parade2019-01-20T17:38:12-05:00
A boat on fire on Kempenfelt Bay2019-01-20T17:36:14-05:00
Women in period costumes stand near Memorial Square during the Centennial Parade2019-01-20T17:34:34-05:00
Women in period costume mingle with the crowd at the Centennial Parade2019-01-20T17:32:57-05:00
The RVH float in the Santa Claus Parade2019-01-21T21:03:38-05:00
Santa and his reindeer in the Santa Claus Parade2019-01-21T21:03:26-05:00
Santa and his sleigh at the Santa Claus Parade2019-01-21T21:03:12-05:00
The Santa Claus Parade is over for another year2019-01-21T21:02:48-05:00
The Santa Claus Parade float heads west on Dunlop Street2019-01-21T21:02:33-05:00
Igloo float heads home after the Santa Clause Parade2019-01-20T17:07:47-05:00
Clowns head home after the Santa Claus Parade2019-01-20T17:05:55-05:00
A Sesame Street Christmas float in the Santa Claus Parade2019-01-21T21:02:18-05:00
A clown in the Santa Claus Parade2020-05-30T09:06:07-04:00
The Silver Bullet float rolls down Kempenfelt Drive in the Santa Claus Parade2019-01-20T17:00:21-05:00
The Sheba Shrine clowns drive canoes in the Santa Claus Parade2019-01-21T21:01:52-05:00
The Santa Claus Parade slows at Dunlop Street East2020-09-16T15:12:23-04:00
The Santa Claus Parade at Kempenfelt and Dunlop Streets2019-01-21T21:01:24-05:00
Rotary Club clowns walk in the Santa Claus Parade2019-01-21T21:01:11-05:00
Penquins on a float in the Santa Claus Parade on Dunlop Street East2021-02-18T20:23:04-05:00
Winnie the Pooh float in the Santa Claus Parade2019-01-21T21:00:41-05:00
The Kinsmen Club and Peanuts floats in the Santa Claus Parade2019-01-20T16:47:31-05:00
The Santa Claus Parade on Dunlop Street West. The old Shoe Factory can be seen in the background2019-01-20T16:45:39-05:00
The Elmer the Safety Elephant float heads East on Dunlop Street in the Santa Claus Parade2023-12-13T21:27:51-05:00
The Eastview Secondary School float in the Santa Claus Parade2019-01-21T21:00:12-05:00
The CKBB float carries Santa in the Santa Claus Parade2019-01-20T16:40:29-05:00
Little Dutch Christmas float and Santa Pope on a horse in the Santa Claus Parade2019-01-20T16:31:38-05:00
Little Boy Blue and Jack and Jill float in the Winter Carnival Parade2019-01-21T20:59:54-05:00
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