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For the Barrie Historical Archive, old news is good news. We’re ready to make old news good news for your business, too.

Be a part of our monthly e-newsletter, appropriately titled Old News Is Good News. Our publication is reaching a growing list of hundreds of subscribers and donors living just around the corner from your business. Position your logo, current promotion/offer and contact information next to historical content covering some of Barrie’s most beloved civic treasures. Every newsletter features an exclusive piece on Barrie’s historic buildings, a first-look at new additions to the archive and the promotion of upcoming BHA events.

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Sponsor a Blog Post

Promote an event, celebrate a milestone or simply educate the people of Barrie about your cause or business. Take advantage of the BHA repository of more than 5,000 pieces and accompany your historically-themed, 500-word blog with inspiring photos or videos that draw attention to your cause.

Sponsored blog posts are tailored to your company’s needs. They’re published alongside personal photos or graphics provided by your organization. Let our team of seasoned, published writers craft the perfect historical angle for your pitch to ensure your message is clear and well received. Want more eyes on your blog?  Access our social media reach of more than 10,000 people and boost your blog viewership with any amount of custom social media posts for $10/post.

  • $250

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Purchase Prints or License Pieces

The BHA Shop is where you will find the perfect gift for the history buff in your life. With a variety of print sizes and images to choose from, the BHA Shop offers prints of the highest quality delivered right to your door.  And did we mention shipping within in Canada is always FREE!?

The BHA Shop also has options for members of organizations and businesses looking to use BHA images to market their company. From print to web advertising, the BHA offers image packages for every business scenario. If you have an idea of how the BHA can help your business with the use of our archival pieces, please share it with us. Our team is ready to work with you on your next marketing project.

For pricing and instructions on how to order prints or a license to use our images, simply look below the selected image of your choice in the archive. If the image is available for purchase, you will see two tabs where you can quickly (and securely) place your order.

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Sponsor a Collection

Want to show your company’s support for the BHA without all the bells and whistles? Take the subtle approach with the professional sponsorship of any one of our collections online.

What you get: 

  • Three-month sponsorship of any BHA collection of your choosing
  • Your name/company’s name in the collection/source field (displayed below every piece in that collection) with a link back to your company’s website
  • Five social media posts drawing our audience’s attention to your sponsorship of a collection
  • $150
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Research with the BHA

Is your business celebrating a milestone? Have you always wondered what the history of your heritage building was? Take advantage of our team of local historians at BHA.

Aside from our collection of more than 5,000 archival pieces on the BHA, our team has built strong relationships within our community. The first step to researching the history of your Barrie-based company, building or family should start with Barrie’s only online museum.

  • Rates start at $50/hour
Email Mary for customized services and research requests