Ryan Rowell


When I first came to the BHA as one of the founding members, I had started as the contemporary photography director. It was my duty to create something new from current barrie that would be included in the archive. I had the pleasure of photographing the Barrie Central Collegiate before its demolition, and also Barrie North Collegiate before its changes.

I have been a professional photographer since 2001, and running my own company Rowell Photography since 2004.

Favourite historical building:

Rinaldi’s Salon and Lount’s Castle

If I could own a home on one historical street it would be:

Theresa Street

I got involved with the BHA because:

Any time I have looked online for information about Barrie, the city I was born in, I had been unable to find any detailed information, and photographs. So I volunteered to help fill in the gaps of my own searches and also the help others in the future with theirs.

What I do for a living:

Creative Owner at Rowell Photography