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Front and side view of former Smiths Farm Dairy building at 45 Penetang Street2016-10-15T22:06:25-04:00
Inventory of Wellington Street West prior to construction (4).2016-09-06T15:05:25-04:00
Looking down Dunlop Street East towards Mulcaster Street, Clarkson Hotel and Bayshore Landing Condominiums.2016-07-06T20:46:33-04:00
MPP George Taylor visits Georgian College (1).2016-09-06T18:30:33-04:00
127 Worsley Street being demolished for future Collier Place (2).2016-09-06T01:01:34-04:00
Les Cooke posing with another civic leader at his desk.2016-09-06T21:23:32-04:00
What Bayfield Mall looked like shortly after it opened.2016-05-18T00:09:15-04:00
A hot air balloon departs from the Holiday Inn on Fairview Road.2017-02-26T14:41:47-05:00
Students of Warnica Public School working independently in the old Painswick School classroom.2016-09-05T15:47:53-04:00
Metal debris is cleared to the side of the road following the May 31, 1985 tornado.2016-06-17T13:45:05-04:00
Students from Warnica Public School enjoy a field trip with their teachers.2016-09-05T15:47:56-04:00
Northwest corner of Bradford Street and Essa Road.2016-06-10T03:20:51-04:00
Standing on Collier Street looking North West up Poyntz Street towards Berczy Street.2016-06-13T17:46:32-04:00
Gravel below storm drain on the site of the Lakeshore Drive extension.2016-07-09T16:08:48-04:00
Townhomes on Adelaide Street are amongst some of the most hard hit residences following the tornado disaster.2020-05-31T11:17:27-04:00
No. 89 Essa Road and Pierce Motors business.2016-06-11T01:07:14-04:00
Looking West on J.C. Massie Way as it leads up to Cundles Road.2016-09-16T20:22:09-04:00
Nelson Lookout, a project of the Horticulture Society.2016-06-30T21:59:21-04:00
Opening of the Parish Hall at Trinity Anglican Church on Collier Street.2017-05-03T16:46:11-04:00
Grading work for Lakeshore Drive extension between Tiffin Street and the old roundhouse, showing a sewage pipe at the waterfront.2016-07-08T20:24:05-04:00
Baptist Church at the Southeast corner of Clapperton and Worsley Streets2020-01-11T17:28:16-05:00
Saint Mary’s Church Confirmation Class of 1948 with Monsignor Clair outside the old church.2016-12-10T21:14:48-05:00
Looking out on Little Lake at the end of the path that leads to the lake from Little Lake Park.2016-09-16T20:25:21-04:00
Inventory of destruction caused by the tornado (7).2016-09-16T20:50:16-04:00
Looking North towards the Marina from the Northern parking lot at Centennial Park.2016-09-05T16:18:49-04:00
Horse drawn sleigh rides on the ice during the Winter Carnival2019-01-19T15:32:12-05:00
Two gentlemen ride in an antique car during a Dominion Day Parade.2017-05-03T16:45:30-04:00
“Bertha” in her centennial costume to celebrate Canada’s 100th birthday.2016-07-01T05:15:44-04:00
Looking South West at the Fire Hall on Collier Street.2016-07-06T18:50:03-04:00
32 Parkside Drive was built about 1890 by mason Charles Lightfoot.2016-09-06T20:00:53-04:00
A Christmas display in the shop window of Sam the Record Man when it was located at Five Points.2017-04-29T17:14:07-04:00
Aerial view of Bayfield Street North, showing the Bay Shopping Center.2017-02-14T14:12:06-05:00
A group of people meeting around the front of the Gables Camp ground.2016-05-17T16:10:41-04:00
Town Crier declares the opening of the Barrie Historical Archive while former Mayors in the background prepare to cut the red ribbon at Mayors’ Seat in City Hall (2).2016-11-05T18:28:52-04:00
Kindergarten students at Codrington Public School take off their shoes in preparation for class.2017-02-08T13:51:02-05:00
Students play in an indoor sandbox at Codrington Public School.2017-02-06T14:54:28-05:00
Cooke Cartage Parade Floats during the Barrie Centennial Parade.2016-09-05T16:46:12-04:00
Inventory of damage caused by the tornado (3).2016-09-06T21:37:06-04:00
Looking North from the Sunnidale Road bridge over Highway 400 (2).2016-09-15T19:54:10-04:00
Shear Park Baseball Diamond (1).2016-09-06T00:48:45-04:00
A postcard showing the Allandale Train Station when owned and run by the Grand Trunk Railroad.2016-07-04T00:45:09-04:00
Three young men develop photos to be used in Overtones, Barrie Central Collegiate’s yearbook.2016-09-05T16:39:40-04:00
Former Maude Koury’s Restaurant on Collier Street.2016-09-12T03:14:14-04:00
Aerial View of Allandale and surrounding area (2).2016-09-06T15:03:01-04:00
Cooke Cartage assists with the clean-up of the tornado disaster (5).2016-09-05T16:05:24-04:00
No. 160 to no. 156 on Bradford Street.2016-06-10T04:47:44-04:00
Looking West on Collier Street at Collier Street United Church and Sunday School building2020-03-22T16:39:32-04:00
Looking East from Essa Road at the townhouses on Adelaide Street that were destroyed by the tornado2020-05-31T07:23:28-04:00
Adjacent buildings around the Hart Motors building on Hart Drive (3).2016-09-05T16:25:29-04:00
Sunoco service station.2016-06-10T03:08:19-04:00