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Aerial View of Mapleview and surrounding area (11). 2016-09-05T16:20:42+00:00
The Christian Science building on Collier Street. 2016-06-27T02:57:23+00:00
1961 Mrs. Salter’s 9F class at Barrie District Central Collegiate. 2017-01-18T10:01:08+00:00
Looking down Essa Road towards the Bogardis Building on the corner of Tiffin Street prior to its demolition. 2016-07-06T18:52:10+00:00
Les Cooke, Mayor of Barrie, conversing with two people in the City Hall building on Mulcaster Street. 2017-02-09T13:42:20+00:00
Inventory of damage caused by the tornado on Essa Road near Fairview Road and Highway 400 (7). 2017-03-28T23:03:55+00:00
A parade with pipers makes its way heading East on Dunlop Street West in front of Firestone Tire. 2016-06-25T18:45:29+00:00
Barrie Central Band under the direction of W.A. Fisher performs in Kerkrade, Holland on one of their many trips to the World Music Festival (10). 2016-09-05T16:10:10+00:00
Students work on developing film at Barrie Central Collegiate. 2016-09-06T14:24:19+00:00
Rear of the Allandale Train Station looking towards the depot facing Gowan Street. 2016-09-06T00:37:45+00:00
Crest of the Canadian General Electric 1976-77 Snooker team. 2016-09-13T17:46:40+00:00
Town Hall located at Mulcaster Street after its transformation, looking North East from Collier Street. Prior to its renovation this was known as the Market Building. 2016-07-02T23:59:49+00:00
George Bryson CKVR publicity photo. 2016-09-05T16:13:54+00:00
Land registry map showing Concession 13 and surrounding areas. 2018-04-08T15:32:27+00:00
Inventory of Wellington Street West and surrounding streets between Bayfield Street and Sunnidale Road prior to construction (20). 2016-09-06T15:08:46+00:00
Barrie Citizens Band, currently known as Barrie Concert Band, at Dunlop Street and Elizabeth Street. Mayor Peter Sinclair is playing the Trombone. 2016-05-23T21:59:34+00:00
Intersection at Dock Road and Cox Mill Road. 2016-06-17T13:23:11+00:00
The devastating remains after a fire takes place at the Wellington Hotel at Five Points. 2017-04-04T22:50:26+00:00
A parade band heading West led by young women passes the Firestone building on the corner of Toronto Street and Dunlop Street West. 2016-06-24T21:00:09+00:00
First place winning home of a Christmas decoration contest. Specific location of home is unknown. 2016-06-30T22:02:23+00:00
Barrie Collegiate Band trombone ensemble featuring Bill Caldwell, Ron Armstrong, Bill Craig and John Feltes. 2016-09-06T19:39:41+00:00
Damaged cars are left to rest in the front yard of a home following the tornado. 2016-09-06T01:30:54+00:00
Grave of writer and printer Fred Grant at the Barrie Union Cemetery on Sunnidale Road. 2016-11-03T18:15:45+00:00
Inventory of damage caused by the tornado (22). 2016-09-06T18:16:26+00:00
Front entrance to Canadian General Electric Building on Bradford Street. Smith’s Farm Dairy can be seen across the street in the background. 2016-09-05T17:35:26+00:00
Overgrown trees surround Dyment’s Pond off of Victoria Street. 2016-06-12T03:19:36+00:00
Aerial view of Lakeshore Drive during Kempenfest. 2017-02-08T17:12:38+00:00
Johnson Street Public School staff. 2016-04-27T20:23:26+00:00
The Roxy Theater on Dunlop Street West. 2016-06-30T21:57:44+00:00
Barrie Central Collegiate cheerleaders. 2016-09-02T02:36:26+00:00
Inventory of damage caused by the tornado (24). 2016-09-06T18:15:49+00:00
Civic leaders and the public participate in opening ceremonies in the rotunda of the new City Hall Building at 70 Collier Street (16). 2016-09-06T04:47:27+00:00
Barrie as it looked near the turn of the century. 2016-06-24T21:00:09+00:00
Inventory of Wellington Street West and surrounding streets between Bayfield Street and Sunnidale Road prior to construction (11). 2016-09-05T16:39:50+00:00
Backyard of 91 Cumberland Street at the foot of Bayview Drive and Gowan Street. 2016-06-08T01:06:31+00:00
Students of Ms. Goodfellow (Baker) prepare for a day of learning at 13A Innisfil Huronia Public School. 2016-09-05T16:29:06+00:00
A majestic two storey home at 310 Codrington Street. 2016-06-30T21:59:21+00:00
Looking down a line of boxcars beside the coal hills in the Allandale rail yard. The steam trains on the right are lined up for scrapping. In the distance the coal chute near the Master Mechanics Building can be seen. 2016-06-25T18:45:29+00:00
Postcard showing Dunlop Street West at Five Points. 2016-09-02T01:31:27+00:00
Lisle band photo. From left to right, Bill Chambers, Kevin Connell, and Danny Stephens. 2016-11-03T12:21:10+00:00
Saint Mary’s Church Confirmation Class of 1948 with Monsignor Clair outside the old church. 2016-12-10T21:14:48+00:00
Trinity Anglican Church sits nessled amongst other modern buildings in the downtown core. 2016-09-15T21:20:29+00:00
The main dock lies empty at the base of Bayfield Street. 2017-05-30T23:21:29+00:00
MacLaren Art Centre, formerly the Barrie Public Library on Mulcaster Street. 2016-09-06T20:00:51+00:00
Inventory of damage caused by the tornado (20). 2016-09-06T18:18:16+00:00
Wilkins Parkette at the end of Crimson Ridge Road. 2016-06-12T21:52:56+00:00
The back off the Barrie By The Bay building off of Innisfil Street. 2016-05-23T19:29:03+00:00
Helen Galbraith with Douglas and Wildred on the lawn in front of the Allandale Train Station. 2018-05-15T16:38:23+00:00
Entrance to Dangerfield Motors on Bradford Street. 2016-06-10T03:23:03+00:00
A teacher assists with ongoing construction on Algonquin Ridge Elementary School on Golden Meadow Road (2). 2016-09-06T01:01:33+00:00
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