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Front steps of Royal Victoria Hospital on Ross Street. 2016-07-01T05:10:38+00:00
CKVR and CKBB Television and Radio Host, Wendy Hicks interviewing Pierre Berton. 2016-09-05T16:04:20+00:00
Looking towards Barrie Central Collegiate and the W.A. Fisher Auditorium on Dunlop Street West. 2016-09-05T16:04:19+00:00
Steam Engine 1531 on display on Lakeshore Drive across from Centennial Park. 2016-05-23T15:08:49+00:00
Concrete for a sidewalk is poured outside 140 Dunlop Street East. 2017-02-21T16:41:54+00:00
Barrie Central Collegiate Gymnasium (12). 2017-04-06T13:40:30+00:00
Civic leaders and the public participate in the first-ever City Council meeting in the new City Hall Building at 70 Collier Street (32). 2016-09-06T04:34:12+00:00
Inventory of Essa Road between Ferndale Drive and Coughlin Road prior to construction (3). 2016-09-06T05:03:48+00:00
Looking down Kempenfelt Drive on a cold winter day. 2016-11-17T12:49:22+00:00
Former Mayors and children of former Mayors cut a red ribbon to open the Barrie Historical Archive at Mayors’ Seat at City Hall (3). 2016-11-07T14:51:43+00:00
A wintry snowfall on the Lakeshore Drive condominiums. 2016-05-21T19:26:46+00:00
Side view and window of Barrie Upholstery. 2016-06-24T14:57:36+00:00
Barrie Flyers game inside of the Barrie Arena on Dunlop Street West. 2017-02-26T14:46:09+00:00
Land Registry Map Showing The King’s Highway, Concession 11 and Surrounding Areas. 2018-04-08T15:34:09+00:00
Inventory of Wellington Street West and surrounding streets between Bayfield Street and Sunnidale Road prior to construction (17). 2016-09-06T14:46:13+00:00
Aerial View of Mapleview and surrounding area (1). 2016-09-05T16:07:35+00:00
Barrie Firefighters contain the Wellington Hotel fire at the Five Points intersection. 2016-05-23T23:31:35+00:00
Looking North West at the loading platform alongside Gowan Street in the Allandale rail yard. 2016-09-05T17:02:00+00:00
Looking at the Mechanics Building, now the Southshore Centre in the Allandale rail yard. 2016-09-05T16:02:27+00:00
Les Cooke, Mayor of Barrie, conversing with two people in the City Hall building on Mulcaster Street. 2017-02-09T13:42:20+00:00
Looking towards Dunlop Street East and Owen Street from Kempenfelt Bay. 2016-07-04T17:45:18+00:00
Grade 9 class photo at Barrie Central Collegiate. Photo was taken outside the front entrance on Bradford Street. 2016-06-27T02:58:29+00:00
Barrie Huronia Motel looking East on Bradford Street. 2016-06-10T03:19:42+00:00
Opening of the Parish Hall at Trinity Anglican Church on Collier Street. 2017-05-03T16:46:11+00:00
Three men in a tub float makes its way as part of the Santa Claus Parade on Dunlop Street. In the tub are Donald Burton, John Coritts and one other. Photo taken by Smith Studios. 2016-09-06T01:34:01+00:00
83 Berczy Street residence, formerly a women’s and children’s crisis centre from 1981-1991. 2016-06-17T13:26:52+00:00
Front entrance of Lucky’s Flowers on Bradford Street. 2016-06-10T04:02:45+00:00
Construction on Worsley Street between Owen Street and Mulcaster Street (3). 2016-09-06T05:03:42+00:00
Protestors outside of Paul Sadlon Car Dealership on Bradford Street (2). 2017-01-05T11:56:16+00:00
Looking towards the bay and the old Barrie Court House. 2019-01-08T20:17:22+00:00
Preparing for a Helicopter Ride at the Barrie Winter Carnival. 2017-02-09T16:35:03+00:00
No. 190 to no. 186 Bradford Street. 2016-06-10T03:06:59+00:00
Side View of front Entrance to Crazy Fox Restaurant at 268 Bradford Street Allandale Train Station in Distance. 2016-08-09T23:45:27+00:00
The Minet’s Point Pavilion is devestated by fire. 2016-07-07T16:51:22+00:00
A view down Dunlop Street with Mary Street approaching on the right. 2016-05-21T20:22:38+00:00
Barrie Central Collegiate Music Room (31). 2017-04-06T14:01:36+00:00
Marshall Street – Emily Marth in stroller. 2016-09-05T16:29:28+00:00
2nd Annual World Championship Police Race against Multiple Sclerosis, held at the Barrie Raceway. RCMP Sargeant Glen McPhail and Princess. 2016-09-06T20:00:42+00:00
Former Mayor Dave Aspden signs a poster in the Green Room before Mayors’ Seat at City Hall. 2016-11-17T17:11:28+00:00
Crowds gather on Kempenfelt Bay at a Barrie Winter Carnival. 2017-03-29T00:54:12+00:00
George Taylor with group of Georgian College students (1). 2016-09-06T18:47:23+00:00
Barrie Central Collegiate Offices (7). 2017-04-06T13:34:18+00:00
View of the Front parking lot and entrance to the Barrie Huronia Motel on Bradford Street. 2016-07-01T17:50:44+00:00
Showing East side of Tiffin Street from Bradford Street to the C.N.R. tracks and the C.N.R. entrance to the parking lot. 2016-06-11T01:11:45+00:00
Barrie Central Collegiate Red Storey Field (5). 2017-04-06T13:40:23+00:00
Grand Trunk Railroad Roundhouse. 2016-05-17T19:36:20+00:00
Inventory of Wellington Street West and surrounding streets between Bayfield Street and Sunnidale Road prior to construction (26). 2016-09-06T14:50:06+00:00
Inventory of destruction caused by the tornado (4). 2016-09-16T20:50:16+00:00
Staff of the Roundhouse and Master Mechanic’s office. 2016-05-17T19:23:34+00:00
Garbage and debris line the streets following the May 31, 1985 tornado. 2016-06-11T21:28:25+00:00
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