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No. 27 Bradford Street, home of Jessie Bryson, a piano teacher. Justin Motors can be seen in the background.2016-07-01T05:20:49-05:00
Looking down Bayfield Street towards Five Points from the Esso (Imperial Oil) Station on the corner of Ross Street.2016-07-05T03:10:47-05:00
Young children pose outside of a residence at 62 Sanford Street, originally built in 1890.2017-03-29T00:41:51-05:00
Kerry Gennings in his Cadets uniform, as he looked when he was a student at Barrie Central Collegiate.2016-04-30T21:50:12-05:00
Students playing in the snow outside of 13A Innisfil Huronia Public School.2016-09-05T16:12:48-05:00
The Barrie Train Station is demolished.2017-03-29T00:21:37-05:00
Mayor Janice Laking and others celebrate the opening of the Barrie Collingwood Railway.2016-12-16T14:18:33-05:00
A grade 4 class at Johnson Street Public School2016-04-23T09:42:20-05:00
Barrie Historical Archive Chairman, Dr. Travis Doucette presents Principal Greg Brucker with the inaugural Barrie Historical Archive Civic Award (2).2016-11-08T08:47:07-05:00
Students walk the halls near the science labs on the main floor of Barrie Central Collegiate.2016-09-05T16:06:30-05:00
No. 195 and no. 193 Dunlop Street.2016-06-11T01:09:38-05:00
Destruction of homes on Baldwin Lane caused by the tornado.2016-09-16T20:48:24-05:00
St. Monica’s 1st Communion Class.2016-05-21T20:31:03-05:00
An audience in centennial costumes fills city council chamber.2016-07-01T05:13:06-05:00
Looking down a street in a neighbourhood affected by the May 31, 1985 tornado.2016-06-11T21:36:38-05:00
Jackson’s Toyota Car Dealership at 140 Bradford Street.2017-02-28T23:34:54-05:00
Construction of the Civic Centre at Collier Street and Mulcaster Street.2016-07-06T02:12:39-05:00
No. 117 to no. 107 Essa Road.2016-06-11T01:14:36-05:00
The porch of 111 Bradford Street.2016-06-10T02:14:30-05:00
Barrie Central Collegiate Exterior (3).2017-04-06T13:37:45-05:00
The steamer ‘Islay’ at the Bayfield Street wharf2019-10-22T19:47:29-05:00
Lem family enjoying a family dinner together at Roy Lem Cafe on Dunlop Street West.2016-09-05T16:25:41-05:00
Barrie Minor Hockey Association, Ontario Minor Hockey Association Juvenile Minor A Champions from 1957-1958.2016-09-05T16:46:27-05:00
Views from the rooftop of Barrie Central Collegiate on Bradford Street (11).2016-09-14T20:46:08-05:00
Chairman of the Barrie Historical Archive Dr. Travis Doucette addresses the crowd at Mayors’ Seat at City Hall (2).2016-11-13T09:13:07-05:00
No. 254, no. 256 and no. 258 Bradford Street.2016-06-24T15:01:21-05:00
Graphics board used on CKVR.2016-09-05T16:18:36-05:00
Preparing for a Helicopter Ride at the Barrie Winter Carnival.2017-02-09T16:35:03-05:00
Inventory of damage caused by the tornado (50).2016-09-06T20:23:45-05:00
Postcard showing a lakeshore scene in an unknown location.2016-09-06T18:30:16-05:00
Barrie Central Collegiate Metal Shop (3).2017-04-06T13:34:15-05:00
Looking at Essa Road Presbyterian Church where Burton Avenue terminates at Essa Road.2016-06-11T00:38:34-05:00
Tombstone of Henry Strathy in the Barrie Union Station.2016-12-16T13:15:26-05:00
Barrie Collegiate Band in the BDCI (Barrie Central Collegiate) Auditorium.2016-09-06T20:36:02-05:00
Flower bed at 212 Bradford Street.2016-06-10T05:19:31-05:00
Looking East at the old Barrie City Hall on Mulcaster Street.2016-07-06T15:36:43-05:00
BP gas station on the North West corner of Bradford and John Streets.2016-06-10T04:46:02-05:00
A float in the Winter Carnival Parade heads West on Dunlop Street.2019-01-20T16:03:06-05:00
Looking up at the centre window of a century old home on Maple Street near the LCBO.2016-06-30T22:08:02-05:00
Mayor Ross Archer makes presentations during one of the first meetings in the Council Chamber at the new City Hall Building at 70 Collier Street (1).2016-09-06T04:33:57-05:00
Barrie Central Collegiate Drafting Workshop (6).2017-04-06T13:37:32-05:00
A rousing football game in progress at Barrie Central Collegiate.2016-06-12T21:54:15-05:00
Postcard showing Dunlop Street West at the corner of Owen Street.2016-09-06T18:30:21-05:00
Charter for the Allandale division of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers.2017-02-14T13:52:02-05:00
Children dress up as members of the First Nations community as part of a Dominion Day Parade.2017-05-03T16:45:48-05:00
Exterior of Jackson’s Car Delearship on Bradford Street (2).2017-01-05T12:02:09-05:00
A portion of the Boys Block showing the gargoyles on the building design. Stores included Garnet’s Hobbies and Roberto’s Pizzeria before it moved Eastward2019-11-03T12:47:08-05:00
An aerial view of the vast farmland across the Allandale area.2016-06-09T23:56:44-05:00
Former Creswicke home located at 190 Bayfield Street and Dalton Street2019-10-18T15:06:18-05:00
7 Lots for sale on Cox Mill Road.2016-09-06T00:54:15-05:00