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Essa Road looking South towards Burton Avenue.2016-06-11T00:51:59-04:00
Robert Tordiff’s ration book 3.2016-09-16T20:56:33-04:00
Th first Snowfall of the year covers homes on Bradford Street.2016-06-10T02:32:43-04:00
Views from the rooftop of Barrie Central Collegiate on Bradford Street (23).2016-09-14T21:02:44-04:00
Inventory of Edgehill Drive between Anne Street and Leacock Drive (11).2016-09-06T04:47:58-04:00
Residence on Tyndale Road at Gray Lane.2016-09-06T00:58:09-04:00
Simpson’s Simcoe Steam Brewery at 10 Mary Street was later owned by the Anderton family2020-11-03T13:17:56-05:00
Collier Street United Church with Collier Place apartments in the background.2016-06-27T02:50:18-04:00
Exterior windows at Lucky One Variety and Gary’s Barber Shop on Essa Road.2016-06-21T19:33:34-04:00
Students at 13A Innisfil Huronia Public School (5).2016-09-05T16:22:31-04:00
Workers pose in front of Grand Trunk Railroad locomotive no. 485 parked in the Allandale rail yard.2017-02-12T16:07:32-05:00
WWI monument at Fred Grant Square on Dunlop Street East.2016-12-16T13:25:22-05:00
Students brace for the cold before exiting the doors at Barrie Central Collegiate.2016-09-06T14:24:17-04:00
Barrie Central Collegiate Stairs to library study area.2017-04-06T13:51:12-04:00
Looking at the Exterior of Sam the Record Man and Grandma Lee’s Resturant from Five Points on Dunlop Street East.2017-05-30T23:39:12-04:00
Trinity Anglican Church and Parish Hall on Collier Street.2016-07-08T04:46:13-04:00
East side of Poyntz Street between Worsley Street and Collier Street.2016-06-12T21:40:52-04:00
The first brick Train Station in Allandale designed by architectural firm, Cumberland and Storm.2016-12-10T20:41:10-05:00
Front windows of the Abercrombie building on Essa Road.2016-06-21T19:37:52-04:00
A view from the water of Simcoe Street and the lakefront2019-10-31T19:12:58-04:00
Looking at Essa Road Presbyterian Church where Burton Avenue terminates at Essa Road.2016-06-11T00:38:34-04:00
Barrie Central Collegiate Metal Shop (3).2017-04-06T13:34:15-04:00
Little Lake park sign.2016-09-16T13:59:14-04:00
Two salesmen and two gas attendees post in front of Park Motors at 149 Dunlop Street East.2017-02-27T13:32:39-05:00
Storage boxes are provided to home owners to store what they can salvage following the tornado.2016-09-05T23:48:04-04:00
Looking at the former home of John Talbot Dyment located at the corner of High and Dunlop Streets2021-09-27T18:24:36-04:00
Steam Engine 1531 on Lakeshore Drive on a cloudy day.2016-05-23T15:12:15-04:00
A postcard showing the pavilion at St. Vincent Park.2016-07-01T19:37:03-04:00
Barrie Historical Archive Chairman, Dr. Travis Doucette presents former Mayor Willard Kinzie with the inaugural Barrie Historical Archive Civic Award.2016-11-08T08:21:05-05:00
Barrie’s finest battle the blaze at Five Points. The fire took out the historic Wellington Hotel and surrounding buildings (17).2016-12-02T22:32:37-05:00
Looking down Burbank Place, part of the newly developed Rosedale subdivision.2017-03-28T23:52:58-04:00
Newly installed floating water fountain at Centennial Park.2016-07-06T19:00:03-04:00
Barrie’s finest battle the fire that took out the historic Wellington Hotel and surrounding buildings at Five Points (33).2016-12-02T22:24:59-05:00
Barrie Central Collegiate Institute Class 9-G.2016-07-01T15:51:07-04:00
Former first city Mayor, Willard Kinzie and Mayor Jeff Lehman drive a vintage car down Lakeshore Drive after the completion of its realignment.2016-09-06T00:40:52-04:00
Elaine Grandy speaks on behalf of her Dad former Mayor Ross Archer at the Mayors’ Seat event at City Hall (1).2016-11-13T09:09:12-05:00
Views from the rooftop of Barrie Central Collegiate on Bradford Street (10).2016-09-14T21:38:04-04:00
Principal Greg Brucker addresses the crowd after recieving the inaugural Barrie Historical Archive Civic Award at Mayors’ Seat at City Hall.2016-11-17T17:19:42-05:00
Outdoor flag raising ceremony for the opening of the new City Hall Building at 70 Collier Street (4).2016-09-06T04:34:52-04:00
The Barrie Central Redskins engage in head to head combat during a football game. The Barrie Arena can be seen in the background.2016-09-06T19:11:56-04:00
A lively baseball game at Queens Park on a hot summer day (1).2016-09-06T17:24:26-04:00
Collier Street near Poyntz Street, showing Collier Street United Church and Collier Place.2016-09-10T20:49:36-04:00
17 Florence St.2018-12-08T11:39:10-05:00
Store front of the second hand store that replaced the Harold Hill car dealership.2019-07-25T12:42:12-04:00
Land registry map showing Anne Street, Donald Street, Craig Street, Buchanan Drive and surrounding areas.2018-04-08T15:37:32-04:00
Canadian National Rail cars sitting on the rails waiting to take their final journey.2016-09-05T19:55:37-04:00
The Comfortable Pew float in the Santa Claus Parade heads along Dunlop Street West2019-01-21T20:55:07-05:00
View of Downtown from the Barrie Marina on Kempenfelt Bay.2016-05-23T23:29:14-04:00
Barrie Central Collegiate Offices (22).2017-04-06T13:41:45-04:00
The intersection at Big Bay Point Road and Welham Road, showing the industrial and commercial area.2017-02-28T23:19:27-05:00