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Heritage Park Fountains. 2016-09-06T00:54:19+00:00
Grading between the Old Roundhouse and Tiffin Street for Lakeshore Drive Extension (2). 2016-07-09T16:08:48+00:00
Barrie Central Classics Club project display. 2016-09-05T22:35:28+00:00
Central United Church’s Glee Club poses in school classroom attire. 2016-09-05T17:59:21+00:00
City of Barrie Kempenfelt Bayshore Development Study Map. 2017-01-23T16:20:11+00:00
Mayor Ross Archer makes presentations during one of the first meetings in the Council Chamber at the new City Hall Building at 70 Collier Street (6). 2016-09-06T04:33:38+00:00
Engine no. 4017 with Clark Ayres and friend. 2016-11-20T08:59:47+00:00
Barrie’s former City Mayors pose with Leona Minnikin (back centre) in the photo booth at the Mayors’ Seat Reception at City Hall. 2016-11-05T17:52:21+00:00
A steam train makes its final run crossing over Tiffin Street while onlookers observe. 2017-03-28T23:48:34+00:00
East End Land Registry Map Showing Nelson Street, Napier Street, Vancouver Street, Bowman Avenue, Isobel Street and Surrounding Areas. 2018-04-08T15:22:53+00:00
Residence at 199 Jean Street. 2016-09-06T00:52:10+00:00
Residence at 144 Kempenfelt Drive. 2017-05-29T17:45:50+00:00
CKVR expands to Haliburton. 2016-09-05T16:19:18+00:00
Mayor Ross Archer and other civic leaders help with the ribbon cutting to open the rotunda at the new City Hall Building located at 70 Collier Street. 2016-09-05T21:21:19+00:00
Students from Barrie Central Collegiate gather on Red Story Field for an aerial photograph for the 150th Anniversary celebrations. 2016-09-05T16:03:30+00:00
Construction of 98 Queen Street. (4) 2016-09-05T17:22:23+00:00
Mansard style home near Cook and Collingwood Streets. 2017-05-29T18:35:15+00:00
Canadian National Railway (now Allandale Train Station) train station postcard. 2016-05-17T19:58:03+00:00
Looking North towards the Allandale Train Station from the (then) swampy shore of Kempenfelt Bay in the Allandale rail yard. 2016-06-27T02:58:29+00:00
Construction of the foundation of the Civic Centre at Collier Street and Mulcaster Street. 2016-07-06T02:13:42+00:00
Steam locomotive 6060 gets ready to pull out of the Allandale Train Station for its final run. 2017-03-28T23:46:25+00:00
McDonald’s on Bayfield Street in the 1970’s. 2016-10-24T19:46:23+00:00
Places In Time: A Nostalgic Walking Tour of Downtown Barrie (04). 2017-10-06T17:32:20+00:00
Barrie Central Collegiate Offices (32). 2017-04-06T13:41:36+00:00
Inventory of damage caused by the tornado on Essa Road near Fairview Road and Highway 400 (15). 2017-03-28T22:50:24+00:00
No. 195 and no. 193 Dunlop Street. 2016-06-11T01:09:38+00:00
CKVR graphics board for Canadian Tire. 2016-09-05T16:18:36+00:00
Inventory of construction on the Duckworth Street Highway 400 underpass bridge (1). 2016-09-15T19:53:02+00:00
A reenactment of The War of 1812. 2016-05-21T18:11:38+00:00
The leather holster for the pistol model 1907, serial number 113384 used by George Morren during World War I. On May 21, 2015, his nephew, Douglas Morren, donated it to the Royal Military College. 2016-05-11T19:52:56+00:00
Allandale Land Registry Map Showing Burton Avenue, Cumberland Street and Surrounding Areas. 2018-04-08T15:34:19+00:00
Postcard showing Dunlop Street East from Five Points. 2016-12-10T21:33:16+00:00
Inventory of Wellington Street West and surrounding streets between Bayfield Street and Sunnidale Road prior to construction (34). 2016-09-06T14:50:09+00:00
Barrie Central Collegiate Library (4). 2017-04-06T13:51:16+00:00
The Post Office building before the addition of a clock tower. 2016-12-10T21:00:52+00:00
The Grammar School at the corner of Rodney Street and Blake Street was built in 1849. Became a High School in 1868, and then a Collegiate Institute in 1880. 2016-04-28T21:38:33+00:00
Map of the Town of Barrie. 2017-02-09T16:22:33+00:00
A sad event. Despite best efforts by concerned citizens to save it, the old Post Office was demolished in 1958. 2016-07-04T19:46:37+00:00
Bulldozer working on grading in front of Allandale Train Station. 2016-07-08T23:49:22+00:00
The Side View of the Court House showing Poyntz Street. 2016-06-13T17:49:55+00:00
Inventory of damage caused by the tornado (39). 2016-09-06T18:00:04+00:00
Homes at Bradford Street next to Prince of Wales School prior to their demolition. 2016-05-21T19:32:19+00:00
Highlanders and pipers make their way down Bradford Street just past John Street as part of the Centennial Parade. 2016-07-01T05:15:44+00:00
Postcard showing two separate pictures, one of Lovers Creek in Painswick and one of Dunlop Street. 2016-06-09T23:49:54+00:00
Home on the North East corner of Maple Avenue and Sophia Street. 2016-06-30T22:08:02+00:00
Looking down Dunlop Street East from the foot of Owen Street towards Mulcaster Street. The secton of buildings on the left is known as Sanders Block and was built in 1880. 2016-06-30T22:03:56+00:00
A couple show off the special Examiner publication to commemorate the tornado. 2016-09-06T17:52:12+00:00
Aerial View of Downtown and surrounding area (28). 2016-09-06T01:26:12+00:00
Metal remains wrapped in trees following the tornado. 2016-09-06T17:30:29+00:00
Grand Truck Railway Station with line-West (left) which runs to Meaford-Line-North, and Barrie to North Bay line (right). 2016-05-17T19:37:11+00:00
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