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Aerial View of Downtown and surrounding area (9).2016-09-06T01:26:27-04:00
CKVR’s Weatherman, Bob McIntyre at his desk.2016-09-05T16:19:11-04:00
Decorated parade car in front of St. Vincent Park.2016-06-21T20:06:40-04:00
Panoramic view looking North down the train tracks along the waterfront from the foot of Mary Street.2016-07-08T04:46:13-04:00
Mayor Jas. W. Hart and Chamber of Commerce President, J.A. Sandy ride in a horse and buggy with their wives through downtown as part of Barrie’s Centennial Parade.2016-09-06T01:34:04-04:00
Resdences on South side of Plunkett Court (2).2016-09-06T00:58:05-04:00
Grading preparations for Lakeshore Drive extension, showing Allandale Train Station in background.2016-07-08T20:04:03-04:00
Pizza advertisement sign on a vintage building in Allandale.2016-06-24T14:57:36-04:00
Looking down towards Essa Road following the tornado.2016-09-06T20:08:48-04:00
Inventory of Essa Road between Ferndale Drive and Coughlin Road prior to construction (4).2016-09-06T05:03:52-04:00
The Dunlop Arena shortly before its closure.2016-06-12T03:32:52-04:00
Looking over Highway 400 and Little Lake.2017-01-25T10:44:00-05:00
15 Bayfield Street, the Barrie Public Utility Commission Building.2016-09-05T16:29:16-04:00
Town Crier declares the opening of the Barrie Historical Archive with former Mayors cutting the red ribbon behind (1).2016-11-05T18:48:20-04:00
Students present class projects at 13A Innisfil Huronia Public School (6).2016-09-05T16:22:48-04:00
Showing front entrance to the Clifton Hotel on Bradford Street.2016-06-11T00:43:21-04:00
Electric bill from the Public Utilities Commission2020-04-16T17:59:57-04:00
Truck used in the Cooke Cartage fleet.2017-02-08T17:24:03-05:00
An aerial view of the Georgian BMW Building being constructed in what were formerly sand and gravel pits at the base of Ardagh Road. A portion of Allandale can be seen East of Highway 400.2016-08-03T16:38:56-04:00
Family antics in front of the camera at Big Bay Point.2016-07-06T19:08:15-04:00
Postcard of the former Barrie City Hall.2016-05-23T23:34:21-04:00
A young girl sits atop a pile of dirt at 206 Bertha Avenue. In the distance another home on the corner of Bertha Avenue and Ashford Drive is under construction.2016-09-06T00:04:23-04:00
A parade through Five Points, on the occasion of the visit to the 102 Barrie Squadron of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets by the the U.S. Air Cadets of the American Air Patrol.2016-04-30T22:26:38-04:00
Inventory of damage caused by the tornado on Essa Road near Fairview Road and Highway 400 (49).2017-03-28T22:41:27-04:00
North driveway entrance of North York Cycle down at Bradford Street.2016-06-11T00:31:50-04:00
Residence at 80 Wellington Street East near Peel Street.2017-05-29T18:02:26-04:00
Bank of Toronto Christmas party.2016-09-02T01:25:05-04:00
Barrie’s finest battle the blaze at Five Points. The fire took out the historic Wellington Hotel and surrounding buildings (4).2016-12-02T22:33:36-05:00
An igloo float in the Santa Claus Parade2019-01-21T20:54:31-05:00
St. Vincent Street Park.2016-04-28T21:23:53-04:00
Residence at 240 Codrington Street.2016-06-13T17:40:17-04:00
A view to the northeast corner at Five Points.2018-05-16T20:39:59-04:00
Residence at 210 Bayfield Street.2016-09-05T17:22:04-04:00
CKVR newscasters Bob McIntyre and Elizabeth Irwin.2016-05-18T04:26:15-04:00
Area between Toronto Dominion bank and Webb’s Clothing store.2016-06-21T19:42:53-04:00
Inventory of damage caused by the tornado on Essa Road near Fairview Road and Highway 400 (10).2017-03-28T23:02:48-04:00
Inventory of Wellington Street West and surrounding streets between Bayfield Street and Sunnidale Road prior to construction (13).2016-09-06T15:03:07-04:00
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves float in the Winter Carnival Parade2019-01-21T20:57:11-05:00
Residence at 310 Codrington Street. This home was likely built in 1874 by local painter, Alexander Laurie.2016-07-01T05:13:06-04:00
The back off the Barrie By The Bay building off of Innisfil Street.2016-05-23T19:29:03-04:00
Aerial view of Codrington Street showing Codrington Public Elementary School.2017-02-10T10:10:44-05:00
Tanning factory on Bradford Street as viewed from the entrace to Prince of Wales Public School.2016-06-27T02:54:42-04:00
Looking towards the corner of Mulcaster and Codrington Streets from where the lot where St. Mary’s Church stood after its demolition. The area was sold to the government and coverted into a parking lot.2016-07-06T18:50:03-04:00
Engine #6035 in the Allandale rail yard outside of the roundhouse.2016-12-10T21:28:18-05:00
Inventory of Wellington Street West and surrounding streets between Bayfield Street and Sunnidale Road prior to construction (8).2016-09-05T16:39:48-04:00
Plaque at Centennial Park commemorating the park as a Centennial Confederation project.2016-09-05T16:18:54-04:00
Barrie Central Collegiate’s production of Brigadoon (1).2016-09-05T16:10:05-04:00
West side of Ferndale Drive South between Tiffin Street and Summmerset Drive.2016-09-06T20:00:56-04:00
Aerial View of Bayfield and surrounding area (2).2016-09-05T16:07:35-04:00
“Toys, Toys, Toys” themed Santa Claus Parade.2016-06-11T21:20:22-04:00