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Ramp to lower level and meat storage lockers of former Copaco building 2016-10-16T15:16:45+00:00
Residence at 22 Weldon Street. 2016-09-05T17:22:18+00:00
Looking over the downtown towards Kempenfelt Bay from the roof of the Georgian International building. 2016-09-15T21:18:47+00:00
Looking out at Kempenfelt Bay at sundown from the parking lot beside the City Marina. 2016-09-05T16:01:04+00:00
The newspaper offices of the Northern Advance and the Barrie Examiner at Dunlop Street and Mulcaster Street. 2016-12-10T20:55:25+00:00
Damage caused to items in the interior of Stephenson’s Jewellers following a fire originating in the Wellington Hotel (15). 2016-06-23T21:18:09+00:00
Captivated crowds enjoy Mayors Seat at City Hall (2). 2016-11-05T18:00:13+00:00
Exterior of 18 Worsley Street once used as a parsonage for First Baptist Church. 2017-02-08T13:58:18+00:00
Homes surrounding Collier Street United Church. 2016-07-01T05:20:49+00:00
Looking over the block between Maple Avenue and Bayfield Street and Five Points. 2016-07-06T18:52:58+00:00
A look inside of the Barrie Jail after it’s closure in 2001. The inside of a large cell with a table and bunk bed. 2016-05-21T20:15:27+00:00
Inventory of Essa Road between Ferndale Drive and Coughlin Road prior to construction (32). 2016-09-06T14:35:33+00:00
Looking West down the path alongside Kempenfelt Drive near Nelson Square. 2016-09-14T20:57:54+00:00
Aerial View of Downtown and surrounding area (26). 2016-09-06T01:26:14+00:00
A large home on Maple Avenue. 2016-06-30T22:10:02+00:00
Inventory of Essa Road between Ferndale Drive and Coughlin Road prior to construction (9). 2016-09-06T14:35:48+00:00
Stairs to the basement of the office building of the Allandale Train Station. 2016-09-06T00:37:46+00:00
Barrie Collegiate Concert Band Outside of the Newly Built BDCI Auditorium, Later Known as the W.A. Fisher Auditorium. 2016-09-05T16:39:37+00:00
Mrs. Henry’s Class at Prince of Wales Public School on Bradford Street. 2016-06-10T02:43:18+00:00
Residence at 210 Bayfield Street. 2016-09-05T17:22:04+00:00
War Artillery on display at Fred Grant Square. 2016-12-16T13:27:08+00:00
Carol McLuhan gives a tribute to her Mom former Dorian Parker at the Mayors’ Seat event at City Hall. 2016-11-13T09:13:49+00:00
CD display inside Sam the Record Man at Five Points. 2017-05-30T23:37:00+00:00
Aerial view of Kempenfelt Bay and Barrie shoreline showing Landfill in background. 2016-06-04T19:47:31+00:00
Looking at sailboats on Kempenfelt Bay from Nelson Lookout (2). 2016-09-14T21:00:37+00:00
Looking at the backside of the Barrie Tannery on Bradford Street during its demolition. 2016-06-27T02:50:19+00:00
Barrie Central Collegiate Student Artwork (13). 2017-04-06T13:34:24+00:00
Top of the hill on Mapleview Drive East of Molson Park. Park Place and the Barrie Molson Arena were built on this site. 2017-03-28T23:10:53+00:00
A wind damaged house following the May 31, 1985 tornado. 2016-06-17T13:48:27+00:00
Lisa Perry prepares to conduct the Barrie Central Junior Band. 2016-09-05T16:20:54+00:00
Side view of the Clifton Hotel on Bradford Street. 2016-09-06T04:33:38+00:00
Civic leaders and the public participate in the first-ever City Council meeting in the new City Hall Building at 70 Collier Street (7). 2016-09-06T04:47:12+00:00
Property watch services are brought into guard against looters following the tornado 2016-09-06T17:37:07+00:00
Army Navy And Air Force Club (ANAF) Building on George Street looking at the North side. 2016-10-27T04:11:59+00:00
Aerial View of Simcoe Street and Fred Grant Square. 2016-06-05T18:00:13+00:00
A young buy poses in front of the homes in the H-Block planned for demolition. 2017-03-03T11:21:24+00:00
Construction of the outside of the Water Pollution Control Centre. 2016-09-05T17:59:07+00:00
Barrie Historical Archive Chairman, Dr. Travis Doucette presents Jack Garner with the inaugural Barrie Historical Archive Civic Award. 2016-11-05T17:22:56+00:00
Thos Sibbald and Georgina Bowins posing at the downtown train station. 2016-06-17T18:51:46+00:00
CKVR owner, Ralph Snelgrove sits beside some film reels to advertise their All Nite Theatre format. 2016-09-05T16:19:20+00:00
Dyment family Christmas at 72 High Street. 2016-09-05T17:21:55+00:00
Zelma Tordiff and son, John at the rear of 33 Kempenfelt Drive. 2016-07-01T04:59:47+00:00
Wooden dock at the Foot of Tiffin Street near Allandale Station. 2016-12-10T20:53:14+00:00
Steam engine no. 5033 facing Northwest at the Allandale Station, loading and unloading passengers. 2016-07-08T04:38:58+00:00
East side of Minet’s Point Road facing South, showing mechanics business. 2016-07-09T16:08:48+00:00
Aerial View of Downtown and surrounding area (1). 2016-09-05T15:48:57+00:00
Parkview Centre at 189 Blake Street at the top of Nelson Square on Blake Street (1). 2016-09-14T20:55:21+00:00
Parking lot and main building at the Sunnidale Golf Club. 2016-06-24T20:30:39+00:00
Heading West on Dunlop Street past the Barrie Examiner office on the left and both the original Queen’s Hotel (near right) and the present day Queen’s Hotel, then Barrie Hotel (far right). 2016-05-01T19:55:48+00:00
A lively baseball game at Queens Park on a hot summer day (1). 2016-09-06T17:24:26+00:00
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