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Camphill Willard Kinzie Tribute.2021-04-08T14:07:53-04:00
Camphill Willard Kinzie Tribute.2021-03-27T22:06:03-04:00
Camphill Willard Kinzie Tribute.2021-03-27T22:04:56-04:00
Barrie 102 Squadron Air Cadet Terry Westgarth-Taylor at summer camp in Trenton2021-02-22T20:21:33-05:00
Sterling silver locket given to Eva V. McCutcheon upon losing her son Borden in the Second World War. (2)2018-12-08T11:49:54-05:00
Mossie McCutcheon stands on a snowy Barrie road.2018-12-08T10:55:26-05:00
Sterling silver locket given to Eva V. McCutcheon upon losing her son Borden in the Second World War.2018-11-11T12:11:05-05:00
Parkside Variety Store.2018-07-29T21:48:22-04:00
Land registry map showing Concesssion 14, Innisfil and surrounding areas.2018-04-08T15:37:44-04:00
Land registry map showing Concession 12 and surrounding areas.2018-04-08T15:37:29-04:00
Land Registry Map Showing Essa Road, Centre Road, Concession 11 and Concession 14 (Little Avenue) of Innisfil and Surrounding Areas.2018-04-08T15:34:14-04:00
Land Registry Map Showing The King’s Highway, Concession 11 and Surrounding Areas.2018-04-08T15:34:09-04:00
Land Registry Map Showing Lot 6 at Highway 11 and Surrounding Areas.2018-04-08T15:34:04-04:00
Land Registry Map Showing Concession 11 and 12, Township of Innisfil and Surrounding Areas.2018-04-08T15:33:58-04:00
Innisfil Land Registry Map Showing Lot 16 on the 11th Concession of Innisfil and Surrounding Areas.2018-04-08T15:33:53-04:00
Land Registry Map Showing Concession 13 (Big Bay Point Road), Spruce Street and Surrounding Areas.2018-04-08T15:32:42-04:00
Land registry map showing Concession 13 and surrounding areas.2018-04-08T15:32:27-04:00
Unknown Location Land Registry Map Showing Concession 5, Vespra Street, Forestview Road and Surrounding Areas.2018-04-08T15:30:43-04:00
Unknown Location Land Registry Map Showing Concession 11, Concession 12 (Mapleview Drive), Block Street and Surrounding Areas.2018-04-08T15:30:37-04:00
Land registry map showing The King’s Highway 27 (Essa Road), Concession 11 and surrounding areas.2018-04-08T15:24:17-04:00
Land Registry Map Showing Full and Partial Lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 of Concession 13 (Big Bay Point Road).2018-04-08T15:23:27-04:00
Land registry map showing Concession 13 (Big Bay Point Road), Concession 14 (Little Avenue), Side Road 5 and surrounding areas.2018-04-08T15:20:21-04:00
Land registry map showing Kings Highway 11 Concession 11 and surrounding areas.2017-12-23T16:46:35-05:00
Land registry map showing the Kings Highway 11 planned division of Lots 5 and 6 and surrounding areas.2017-12-23T16:44:36-05:00
Camphill Willard Kinzie Tribute.2017-05-29T16:59:32-04:00
An extended fire truck’s ladder towers over the South Eastern block at Five Points while Barrie’s brave battle the blaze.2017-03-29T01:01:55-04:00
W.A. Fisher conducts the Barrie Collegiate Band.2017-03-29T01:01:13-04:00
Looking at the rear of the former St. Mary’s School near Poyntz and McDonald Streets prior to demolition.2017-03-28T23:45:22-04:00
Eleanor Beamish, camera operator for CKVR Television films on location.2017-03-28T23:19:06-04:00
Camera woman, Eleanor Beamish of CKVR live on location.2017-03-28T23:18:40-04:00
CKVR Videographer, Geoff Bruce on location.2017-03-28T23:18:15-04:00
Don Wright and Keith Cheney from CKVR Television on location.2017-03-28T22:34:35-04:00
Don Wright, videographer from CKVR Television on location.2017-03-28T22:34:02-04:00
Ferndale Road South looking over Ferndale Woods School and surrounding area.2017-02-28T23:24:44-05:00
Snow Valley Owner Hans Eder.2017-02-27T12:25:04-05:00
Mayor Janice Laking and others celebrate the opening of the Barrie Collingwood Railway.2016-12-16T14:18:33-05:00
Mayor Janice Laking helps others drive the final spikes in the Barrie Collingwood Railway.2023-10-27T18:53:37-04:00
Lisle promotional photo. From left to right, Kevin Connell, Rusty Walker, Danny Stephens and Cyril Rawson.2016-11-03T12:21:08-04:00
Lisle promotional photo. Brian Mathias (left) and Danny Stephens (right).2016-11-03T12:21:08-04:00
Danny Stephens of the band Lisle, close up while playing the drums.2016-11-04T00:23:47-04:00
Danny Stephens of the band Lisle, on drums.2016-11-03T23:33:36-04:00
Poster for the band Lisle, with Danny Stephens, Bill Chambers and Brian Mathias.2016-11-03T23:35:05-04:00
Mayor Dave Aspen presents a “Top Sailor of the Year” award to a sailor on the flight deck of the NCSM/HMCS Ville de Quebec.2016-09-12T03:11:22-04:00
Mayor Dave Aspen representing Barrie in the United States about the USS Iwo Jima in Norfolk, Virginia during the USA Civic Leaders Tour.2016-09-13T17:19:57-04:00
Mayor Dave Aspden receiving a mug from city officials in Zweibrucken, Germany, Barrie’s twin city.2020-05-12T13:43:13-04:00
On board of a Canadian warship, Mayor Dave Aspden presents commanding officers on the ship with a coin marking the 50th anniversary of Barrie.2016-09-12T03:09:31-04:00
Terry Fox Half Marathon Run of Hope Registration Form.2016-12-02T22:01:22-05:00
Chronology of first Terry Fox Half Marathon of Hope Run.2016-12-02T22:04:47-05:00
CKVR stock footage of Barrie and surrounding area.2016-09-09T21:36:27-04:00
CKVR “Television to Explore” and “Time Warp” Idents.2016-09-10T02:56:19-04:00
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