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A postcard looking Southeast on Highway 11 towards Innisfil2021-01-24T12:20:54-05:00
Commerical property being prepared at Big Bay Point and Yonge Street (Highway 11).2017-02-28T23:18:26-05:00
First Baptist Church has a picnic at Inniswood Baptist Center on Yonge Street.2017-02-06T09:33:57-05:00
Sign for Inniswood Baptist Center on Yonge Street newly acquired by First Baptist Church.2017-02-08T13:46:06-05:00
Zehrs Plaza at 620 Yonge Street and Big Bay Point Road.2016-09-06T01:06:00-04:00
Shoppers Drug Mart at 649 Yonge Street.2016-09-06T01:05:58-04:00
Students from 13A Innisfil Huronia Public School work on building a snowman. Homes and farms on Little Avenue between Huronia Road and Yonge Street can be seen in the background.2016-09-05T16:29:03-04:00
Students at 13A Innisfil Huronia Public School build a snowman during recess. Homes of Yonge Street and Little Avenue can be seen in the background.2016-09-05T16:28:52-04:00
Outdoor skating rink outside of 13A Innisfil Huronia Public School. Yonge Street (Hwy 11) between Huronia Road and Little Avenue can be seen in the background.2016-09-05T16:22:43-04:00
Aerial View of Painswick and surrounding area (3).2016-09-05T16:20:41-04:00
A beautiful garden in front of 459 Yonge Street in Painswick.2016-05-17T01:59:11-04:00
459 Yonge Street in Painswick.2016-05-18T05:23:00-04:00
Susan Minnikin delivering the Barrie Examiner newspaper with Webb Brothers gas station in the background.2016-05-11T19:19:35-04:00
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