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Walkways, drives and gardens on the Parklands estate in Shanty Bay2021-05-12T17:32:49-04:00
The wharf and lighthouse at the Parklands estate in Shanty Bay2021-05-12T17:20:10-04:00
The gardener’s lodge at the former Parklands estate2021-05-12T17:12:41-04:00
Historical marker describing Thunder Bridge which was built in 1911 and demolished in 19712021-05-11T16:32:37-04:00
The Old Town Hall of Oro was built in 1868 and used for the Oro World’s Fair since 1869 as a Community Centre2021-04-18T19:32:40-04:00
Wonder Valley Tourist Camp on Penetanguishene Road2021-04-15T15:16:28-04:00
St. Thomas’ Anglican Church in Shanty Bay officially opened on February 27, 18422021-02-27T10:46:04-05:00
A view of the main street of Craighurst along Highway 93, the Penetanguishene Road2021-02-25T21:11:43-05:00
The Oro African Church was declared a National Historic Site in 20002021-02-06T10:58:53-05:00
The Oro African Church was built in the 1840’s2021-02-06T10:54:50-05:00
The Knox Presbyterian Church was built in 1849 but used as a residence in 1900. Joy (Bell) Kirton is shown here2021-02-03T10:40:03-05:00
St. John’s Anglican Church, Craighurst in 18992020-07-25T11:48:30-04:00
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