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Top of the hill on Mapleview Drive East of Molson Park. Park Place and the Barrie Molson Arena were built on this site.2017-03-28T23:10:53-04:00
Hot air balloon festival at Molson Park.2017-02-28T23:08:38-05:00
Aerial of Molson Park area with original farmhouse and buildings used for public cross country skiing in the winter.2016-09-06T18:47:25-04:00
Aerial View of Mapleview and surrounding area (7).2016-09-05T16:20:36-04:00
People gather for the annual Hot Air Balloon Festival at Molson Park.2016-06-24T20:30:39-04:00
The ballon festival gets underway on a cloudless summer day at Molson Park.2016-06-24T20:30:39-04:00
The Molson Brewery in the winter.2016-05-18T00:04:12-04:00
Molson Brewery on the former Formosa Spring Brewery site.2016-05-17T15:57:32-04:00
The original farmhouse at Molson Park situated on a 596 acre farm.2016-05-17T15:57:55-04:00
Former Molson Park Drive now Mapleview Drive, looking West under Highway 400.2016-05-17T19:53:32-04:00
Jamie Massie, Bobby Orr and former Mayor Rob Hamilton at the Barrie Molson Centre.2016-05-17T15:58:08-04:00
Former Molson Park Drive, now Mapleview Drive, with a view of the drive-through Molson beer store.2016-07-06T16:14:33-04:00
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