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Looking at Lount’s Castle on a winter day.2017-05-29T18:27:47-04:00
Looking South towards Lount’s Castle on Valley Drive.2017-02-27T12:18:25-05:00
History of Lount’s Castle.2016-09-07T21:05:14-04:00
Looking up at Lount’s Castle on Valley Drive before adjacent homes were built around it.2016-06-30T21:54:29-04:00
Lounts Castle on Valley Drive during a wintry day.2016-06-30T21:52:44-04:00
Looking up the driveway of Lount’s Castle on Valley Drive.2016-06-30T21:43:17-04:00
The front of Lount’s Castle on Valley Drive which faces a different direction than any of the other surrounding houses.2016-06-30T21:43:17-04:00
Students visit Lount’s Castle on Valley Drive. This home was originally built in 1878.2016-06-30T21:43:16-04:00
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