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Rear view of ‘fleet’ aircraft in the early 1930’s at Camp Borden2021-11-13T17:57:13-05:00
An aerial view of Camp Borden buildings2021-11-13T16:54:03-05:00
A group of officers and airmen stand by a plane at Camp Borden2021-11-13T16:40:54-05:00
A plane in a hanger at Base Borden2021-11-13T16:33:44-05:00
A view of Flying Officer Stafford’s plane after it crashed in a cottage on Base Borden2021-11-13T16:28:57-05:00
Cleaning up the wreckage of Flying Officer G.H. Stafford’s fatal plane crash on Base Borden2021-11-13T16:23:31-05:00
Flight Officer G.H. Stafford was killed when his plane crashed into a cottage on Camp Borden2021-11-12T23:54:13-05:00
The first rotary snow plough in Camp Borden2021-11-12T23:33:44-05:00
The 1928-9 R.C.A.F. Sergeant’s Mess, Camp Borden (2)2021-11-12T23:28:50-05:00
M.T. Section C.F.B. Borden L-R Joe Gould, Bill Burr, Lloyd Coulson, Wilf Lawless, Bill Cousins and Tony Wheeler2021-11-12T23:14:52-05:00
After crashing his plane in the tree tops of Camp Borden, head bandaged, Scotty McCaul was still able to dance that night so the story goes2021-11-12T23:08:16-05:00
World War I bomb demolition at Camp Borden2021-11-12T22:57:42-05:00
Demolition of bombs from W.W.1. Left to Right – Sabourin, unideintified, Richardson, Lt. Harding and Clarke2021-11-12T22:52:36-05:00
100 lb. H.E. W.W.1 bombs stacked for demolition about 2 miles from Lisle. L-R are Bourne, unidentified, Richardson, Clarke and Sabourin2021-11-12T22:46:02-05:00
Camp Borden M.T. Section personnel (left to right) – Miscampbell, Bourne, Cooper, Perry and Nixon2021-11-12T22:29:58-05:00
Bomb demolition exercise at CFB Borden2020-07-08T17:38:33-04:00
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