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Looking over Highway 400 and Little Lake.2017-01-25T10:44:00-05:00
Aerial looking over Georgian College and Little Lake.2017-01-23T16:17:29-05:00
Aerial looking over subdivisions between Kempenfelt Bay bottom left and Little Lake top right.2017-01-23T16:18:16-05:00
Aerial view of a heart shaped Little Lake.2017-02-20T10:13:39-05:00
Aerial view for 400 highway and Little Lake.2017-02-20T10:13:27-05:00
Aerial view looking at the Barrie Country Club and surrounding area.2019-06-25T06:18:52-04:00
Looking up the path that leads to Duckworth Street from Little Lake.2016-09-18T01:44:24-04:00
Residence at the end of the path that leads from Duckworth Street to Little Lake.2016-09-16T20:21:28-04:00
Trailers at Little Lake.2016-09-16T20:21:27-04:00
Looking through the grass at Little Lake.2016-09-16T20:21:27-04:00
Looking up the path that leads from from Little Lake to Little Lake Park.2016-09-16T20:21:25-04:00
Pathway that leads from Little Lake Park to Little Lake.2016-09-16T20:21:25-04:00
Pathway that leads from Little Lake Park down to Little Lake.2016-09-16T20:21:24-04:00
Looking South West at the Little Lake Park sign.2016-09-16T20:23:06-04:00
Looking out on Little Lake at the end of the path that leads to the lake from Little Lake Park.2016-09-16T20:25:21-04:00
Looking out at Little Lake on a cloudy Spring afternoon.2016-09-16T20:43:36-04:00
Looking out at Little Lake from the swampland around its shoreline.2016-09-16T20:45:16-04:00
Little Lake park sign.2016-09-16T13:59:14-04:00
Little Lake on a cloudy Spring day.2016-09-16T13:57:49-04:00
Little Lake Health Centre signage.2016-09-16T13:55:07-04:00
Grass and trees line the swampy South Eastern shoreline of Little Lake.2016-09-16T13:54:51-04:00
Exterior of Cedar Park Campground on Little Lake Road (2).2016-09-16T13:55:29-04:00
Directional signs where Duckworth Street turns into Little Lake Road.2016-09-16T13:56:41-04:00
Docks and boats at Little Lake.2016-09-16T13:55:54-04:00
Boats and docks on Little Lake.2016-09-16T13:54:11-04:00
Royal Victoria Hospital, Downtown, Winter Carnival, Highway 400, Little Lake and Strabane Avenue.2016-09-10T05:23:45-04:00
Aerial shot looking North-East towards Little Lake and Georgian College. St. Vincent Street can be seen across the bottom, Wellington Street on the right side.2016-09-06T20:00:39-04:00
Aerial shot looking North-West to Little Lake. Hickling Trail and Maitland Park can be seen at the bottom. The new RVH site can be seen being graded.2016-09-06T20:00:38-04:00
Aerial showing Georgian College below Little Lake with Hwy 400 in between.2016-09-06T19:11:58-04:00
Looking over Highway 400 towards Little Lake.2017-11-14T08:22:12-05:00
Dock and boats on shore at Little Lake.2016-09-05T16:13:52-04:00
Looking North down the tail end of Duckworth Street towards Little Lake.2016-09-05T16:13:52-04:00
A hunting camp located near Little Lake.2016-07-08T18:26:30-04:00
Heading North on Duckworth Street towards Little Lake during construction on the Highway 400 overpass.2016-07-25T18:10:54-04:00
Looking at construction on the Altum Health Clinic building being built at the bottom of Duckworth Street (Lakeside Terrace) near Little Lake.2016-07-25T18:13:23-04:00
Shop at Little Lake.2016-04-28T21:22:39-04:00
The Altum Health Clinic building rises near the former intersection of Duckworth Street and Little Lake Drive just north of Highway 400.2016-07-25T18:25:32-04:00
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