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Children skate in front of a now demolished house on the North West corner of Georgian Drive and Penetanguishine Road.2017-02-28T23:43:59-05:00
Aerial overlook of Georgian College, showing Duckworth Street.2017-02-14T14:04:48-05:00
Grass fire on what would become Georgian College on the East side of Georgian Drive.2016-07-08T18:55:34-04:00
The site of the new Royal Victoria Hospital on Georgian Drive previously owned by Georgian College.2016-07-06T18:52:10-04:00
The new Royal Victoria Hospital on Georgian Drive prepares to open.2016-07-06T18:52:10-04:00
A wintry aerial view of the property where Georgian College would be built.2016-05-24T00:28:14-04:00
A Much Smaller Version of the Georgian College We See Today.2016-12-19T08:10:30-05:00
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