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The pavilion at St. Vincent Park between Kempenfelt Drive and Blake Street2020-08-27T19:47:54-04:00
The former Lakeside Cabins main building at 89 Blake Street prior to demolition2020-07-24T21:59:34-04:00
Burn’s Grocery store on Blake Street2020-05-13T11:16:23-04:00
Teck’s Seafood on Blake Street2020-05-11T12:01:53-04:00
View from the Chimney Tops photograph by Nora-Marshall shows the East Ward School (Parkview Centre) and house that is now the East End Variety on Blake Street2019-01-13T21:58:04-05:00
View from the Chimney Tops photograph by Nora Marshall. The Parkview Centre (East Ward School) on Blake Street can be seen2019-01-12T10:27:05-05:00
Land registry map showing Johnson Street, Blake Street, Downsview Drive, Lambton Crescent, Napier Street, Adam Street, Steel Street and surrounding areas.2018-04-08T15:35:58-04:00
Looking out at Lake Simcoe and over Blake Street from a home on Rodney Street.2017-05-03T16:46:55-04:00
Blake Street with East End Plaza below and Codrington Street in the above middle.2017-02-23T13:35:55-05:00
Aerial view of Steel Street at Blake Street and Penetanguishene Road showing Corrinhall and Buchanan Streets.2017-02-14T13:59:45-05:00
Aerial view showing Blake Street and Codrington Street, showing the Blake Street commercial plaza.2017-02-10T10:13:58-05:00
A pupil’s examination paper from Barrie Collegiate Institute when it was located on Blake Street.2017-02-12T21:55:08-05:00
Pupils and staff of the Barrie Collegiate Institute on Blake Street.2017-02-09T13:15:57-05:00
Lisle in concert at The Embassy on Blake Street. Left to right, Bill Chambers, Danny Stephens, Kevin Connell.2016-11-03T12:21:09-04:00
East End-This home at 99 Blake Street was built in the 1870s2016-10-15T21:58:00-04:00
Parkview Centre at 189 Blake Street at the top of Nelson Square on Blake Street (1).2016-09-14T20:55:21-04:00
Parkview Centre at 189 Blake Street at the top of Nelson Square on Blake Street (2).2016-09-14T20:55:21-04:00
Parkview Centre at 189 Blake Street at the top of Nelson Square on Blake Street (3).2016-09-14T20:55:17-04:00
East End Restaurant and Variety on Blake Street.2016-09-14T21:02:43-04:00
Blake Street Town housing complex.2016-09-10T20:46:04-04:00
Old King George school on Blake Street now the Parkview Centre for seniors.2016-09-06T00:37:44-04:00
This home at 134 Blake Street was built in 1884 by James Pugh. The original house on this property had been destroyed, likely by fire.2016-09-11T23:57:53-04:00
134 Blake Street, built by James Pugh 1884.2016-09-05T16:32:12-04:00
Apartments at 70 Blake Street.2016-09-05T16:22:32-04:00
Fendley’s Flowers at 74 Blake Street.2016-09-05T16:22:29-04:00
Apartments at 70 Blake Street.2016-09-05T16:20:45-04:00
Barrie Collegiate Institute on Blake Street with new addition prior to being destroyed by fire on December 18, 1916.2016-11-15T13:20:24-05:00
Barrie Collegiate Institute on Blake Street after the fire.2016-09-05T16:18:53-04:00
Viola and May Ball at the front entrance of Barrie Collegiate Institute on Blake Street after the fire.2016-09-05T16:18:52-04:00
Barbara Currie and Inez Brown stand outside Barrie Collegiate Institute on Blake Street.2016-09-05T16:18:51-04:00
Girls of Form 3 in front of Barrie Central Collegiate Institute on Blake Street.2016-12-10T21:02:42-05:00
Viewing Kempenfelt Bay from Nelson Square off of Blake Street.2016-07-08T18:21:03-04:00
“Ardraven II” home located on Blake Street. This home belonged to the Gowan’s in 1885 and was used as a coachmen’s house.2020-08-09T05:53:44-04:00
Looking Down the St. Vincent Street hill towards Blake Street.2016-06-30T21:59:21-04:00
Decorated parade car on Blake Street near St. Vincent Park.2016-06-21T20:06:40-04:00
Mary Kirby, long time teacher at Price of Wales amd friend of Owens family, sitting in her garden.2016-06-17T18:48:56-04:00
A lone horse and buggy travels along Blake Street.2016-12-18T12:03:58-05:00
Barrie Collegiate at Blake Street and Rodney Street.2016-12-18T12:02:27-05:00
The Lake Simcoe Motel at 114 Blake Street.2016-04-23T18:34:39-04:00
Lake Simcoe Motel at 114 Blake Street2016-04-23T09:40:54-04:00
Lakeside Camp cabin across from Lake Simcoe Motel at 89 Blake Street.2016-04-28T23:36:53-04:00
Lakeside Cabins on Blake Street.2016-05-18T05:16:39-04:00
Roxborough, a home on the corner of Dundonald Street and Blake Street.2016-12-18T12:44:08-05:00
The Grammar School at the corner of Rodney Street and Blake Street was built in 1849. Became a High School in 1868, and then a Collegiate Institute in 1880.2016-04-28T21:38:33-04:00
The Lake Simcoe Motel on Blake Street closed and boarded up.2016-07-04T00:46:33-04:00
Former Mayor, Willard Kinzie, celebrating a birthday at the East End Variety and Snack Bar.2016-11-03T23:52:30-04:00
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