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Beverly Hall at 142 Collingwood Street was built in 1879 for Dr. Charles and Mrs. Isabella Bosanko2022-11-03T19:07:57-04:00
The house at 11 Nelson Square East was built in the 1870’s2022-10-15T20:49:57-04:00
The home of printer Alexander Laurie and his wife Frances Drury was built about 18742022-09-10T21:58:27-04:00
Burns Grocery was located in what is now 196 Blake Street2022-08-26T19:09:28-04:00
Former home of H.J. Grasett, Judge J.G. Harvie and Leighton ‘Hap’ Emms located at 19 Dundonald Street2022-05-27T11:04:54-04:00
The home located at 16 Blake Street was known as Foxley and built in 19112022-05-13T20:46:50-04:00
Foxley was built in 1911 and located in the East End at 16 Blake Street2022-05-13T20:10:23-04:00
Foxley, located at 16 Blake Street, was built in 1911 for H.H. Strathy2022-05-13T19:46:52-04:00
The former home of civil engineer Stanley Purvis and his wife and writer Lulu Pearsall2021-11-13T17:50:37-05:00
The 1928-9 R.C.A.F. Sergeant’s Mess, Camp Borden (1)2021-11-12T23:26:43-05:00
The West side of the Barrie Collegiate Institute showing the enclosed hall to the grammar school2021-09-16T08:44:12-04:00
Ardraven was built about 1845 on Kempenfelt Drive for Judge J.R. Gowan and his father, Henry Hatton Gowan2021-09-11T19:06:24-04:00
Built by 1856 by Grammar School headmaster Frederic Gore, this Georgian style home is located at 126 Blake Street2021-09-03T20:46:03-04:00
This home on the South Side of Blake Street near Rodney Street was believed to have been built by headmaster Rev. W.F. Checkley about 1864 and later to have burned in 18862021-09-03T20:24:09-04:00
The former Grammar School Boarding House located at 126 Blake Street2021-09-03T20:13:01-04:00
The former home of the Hunter family at 230 Kempenfelt Drive was built about 18752021-07-31T20:43:48-04:00
The Bell farm on St. Vincent Street was once owned by the Quinlan family2021-07-16T15:38:31-04:00
Looking South from Wellington Street at the back of Ardtrea, the home of Thomas McConkey2021-06-16T21:35:50-04:00
Johnson Street School on Johnson Street2021-11-12T22:38:16-05:00
Ovenden was built by the Strathy family on the South side of Blake Street. It later became Ovenden College (closed in 1950) and demolished in 19682022-05-13T18:18:48-04:00
Rare basment bake oven (believed to be the only remaining one in Barrie) in Pearson House2020-10-10T21:10:34-04:00
The pavilion at St. Vincent Park between Kempenfelt Drive and Blake Street2020-08-27T19:47:54-04:00
The former Lakeside Cabins main building at 89 Blake Street prior to demolition2020-07-24T21:59:34-04:00
Codrington Public School Teaching Staff June 1952 (2)2020-07-14T11:37:43-04:00
Codrington Public School Teaching Staff June 1952 (1)2020-07-14T11:35:06-04:00
Codrington Public School Staff June 1952 (2)2020-07-14T11:32:06-04:00
Codrington Public School Staff June 1952 (1)2020-07-14T11:29:28-04:00
Unknown dairy farm used by Lakeview Dairy2020-06-15T20:02:54-04:00
Georgian College 10th Anniversary Part One.2020-05-17T13:49:57-04:00
Georgian College 10th Anniversary Part Two.2020-05-17T13:49:12-04:00
Georgian and You Staff Orientation Video.2020-05-17T13:47:54-04:00
Laying the cornerstone for the E Building at Georgian College.2020-05-17T13:46:00-04:00
Sod Turning for the E Building at Georgian College.2020-05-17T13:44:48-04:00
Sod Turning for the Kempenfelt Building at Georgian College.2020-05-15T16:51:20-04:00
“Your LRC” Georgian College Library Orientational Video.2020-05-15T16:50:06-04:00
Georgian College “Wheels in Motion” Auto Show.2020-05-15T16:48:50-04:00
Georgian College Student Services Slide Show Presentation.2020-05-14T20:21:31-04:00
“Reminiscing”, Georgian College’s 25th Anniversary Video 1967-1992.2020-05-14T20:15:21-04:00
Burn’s Grocery store on Blake Street2020-05-13T11:16:23-04:00
Teck’s Seafood on Blake Street2020-05-11T12:01:53-04:00
The home of Harry and Helena Armstrong (Armstrong Hardware) located at 302 Codrington Street2020-04-17T13:46:34-04:00
Looking East on Codrington Street2020-04-17T13:44:17-04:00
View from the Chimney Tops photograph by Nora-Marshall shows the East Ward School (Parkview Centre) and house that is now the East End Variety on Blake Street2019-01-13T21:58:04-05:00
Brothers Ron and Paul Marshall stacking firewood2019-01-13T21:48:31-05:00
The Marshall family, Lillian, Keith and children Ron, Paul and Linda. The hearth for the fieldstone fireplace is an overturned grave stone found on the property of 69 St. Vincent2019-01-13T21:44:17-05:00
Keith Marshall and son Ron milking a goat at their home at 69 St.Vincent Street2019-01-13T21:40:11-05:00
Days Work Done photograph by Nora L. Marshall (1894-1978). Horses Nipper and Queenie pull a cart along a dirt road in the Steele and Duckworth Streets area2019-01-12T16:05:34-05:00
Untitled photograph by Nora Marshall of two farmers working in the field at the Issac Carruthers farm near the current Georgian College2019-01-12T11:30:01-05:00
The Marshall home located at 69 St.Vincent Street2019-01-12T11:03:53-05:00
Brothers Ron and Paul Marshall sitting on a woodpile2019-01-12T10:54:29-05:00
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