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Foot of WWI monument at Fred Grant Square.2016-12-16T14:04:57-05:00
War Artillery on display at Fred Grant Square.2016-12-16T13:27:08-05:00
WWI monument at Fred Grant Square on Dunlop Street East.2016-12-16T13:25:22-05:00
WWI monument at Fred Grant Square.2016-12-16T13:23:15-05:00
Clifford Wiseman (centre) leaving to go off to World War I, killed in action.2016-07-16T22:02:49-04:00
George Morren carried this Savage pistol when he served with the 75th Battalion in Europe during World War 1 from 1916 – 1918. His nephew recently donated it to the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario.2016-05-18T07:21:28-04:00
The leather holster for the pistol model 1907, serial number 113384 used by George Morren during World War I. On May 21, 2015, his nephew, Douglas Morren, donated it to the Royal Military College.2016-05-11T19:52:56-04:00
The Cenotaph at Memorial Square which was constructed in June 1922.2016-05-11T19:18:31-04:00
The Grey and Simcoe Foresters during the time of World War I.2016-04-21T09:25:11-04:00
The Cenotaph with the Post Office to the left and the Barrie Train Station directly behind it.2016-04-21T09:23:29-04:00
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