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Looking from the water towards Memorial Square and the Wilson Building2019-11-04T20:15:10-05:00
A view from the shoreline of downtown and Trinity Church2019-10-19T20:52:36-04:00
Women in period costumes stand near Memorial Square during the Centennial Parade2019-01-20T17:34:34-05:00
Women in period costume mingle with the crowd at the Centennial Parade2019-01-20T17:32:57-05:00
Four women in period costume at the Centennial celebrations2019-01-20T16:11:18-05:00
Festivities at the Centennial Parade2019-01-19T20:12:03-05:00
A woman and two children in period costume during the Centennial Parrade2019-01-20T16:10:44-05:00
A crown watches the Centennial parade2019-01-20T16:09:28-05:00
A crowd watches women in period costume walk in the Centennial parade2019-01-20T16:09:11-05:00
Looking towards the Bayfield dock, Delaney Boats and Lakeshore from atop a downtown building. Notice that Lakeshore drive had yet to be extended to Mulcaster Street. The rotary fountain at Centennial Park can be seen in the distance.2016-06-27T02:57:23-04:00
Rooftop view from Collier Street looking towards Lakeshore Drive before being extended to Mulcaster Street.2016-06-27T02:57:23-04:00
Fred Grant Square postcard featuring in the background a shot of the Wilson Building and Jackson’s Grill.2016-12-10T21:45:29-05:00