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The Lady of the Lake steamer approaches the wharf at the Barrie train station2023-01-18T21:04:17-05:00
Looking East at Levi Carley’s wharf at the foor of Mulcaster Street at a steam yacht, the Mayflower, owned by a Mr. Stevenson2020-02-07T10:42:52-05:00
The steamer ‘Islay’ at the Bayfield Street wharf2019-10-22T19:47:29-04:00
One of the earliest known pictures of Barrie, this picture was taken from the wharf of Fraser’s Hotel on Dunlop Street showing the waterfront area before the railway arrived in 1865.2016-12-10T20:42:39-05:00
The wharf and Grand Trunk Railway Station during a regatta.2016-05-21T20:46:44-04:00
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