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Huge culverts being placed into the ground near the Water Pollution Control Centre.2016-09-05T17:59:22-04:00
Construction of the outside of the Water Pollution Control Centre.2016-09-05T17:59:07-04:00
View of Back of Water Pollution Control Centre from Lakeshore Drive.2016-09-06T04:54:52-04:00
Septic work for Lakeshore Drive Extension. Sewage Plant is seen in the background.2016-09-15T00:15:23-04:00
Construction materials for Lakeshore Drive Extension. The Sewage Treatment Plant can be seen in background.2016-09-15T00:16:31-04:00
Engine no. 1531 on display at Lakeshore Drive, with the Tandy Leather & Sewage Disposal Centre in the background.2016-09-15T00:16:45-04:00
Construction at the Barrie Sewage Treatment Plant as viewed from Lakeshore Drive.2016-09-15T00:18:18-04:00
Laneway North side of Huronia Steak House looking towards the sewage plant on Bradford Street.2016-09-15T00:18:46-04:00
Sewage Plant Driveway on Bradford Street.2016-09-15T00:18:31-04:00
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