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Interview with Cecil MulKin, Barrie’s last volunteer Fire Chief. Interviewed by Val Brucker.2016-11-23T15:13:45-05:00
Interview with Nelson Garrett, interviewed by Val Brucker and Charles Shanks2016-11-23T15:13:39-05:00
Interview with Jean McCann, interviewed by Val Brucker.2016-11-23T15:13:31-05:00
Val Brucker Letter To Council About Busses And Transportation.2016-09-11T02:58:48-04:00
Letter Of Congratulations From City Administrator, G.A. Tamblyn To Alderman, Val Brucker.2016-09-11T02:42:16-04:00
Val Brucker’s City Hall Speech petitioning to save City Hall.2016-09-11T00:35:37-04:00
Mayor Ross Archer Letter to Alderman Val Brucker thanking him for his support.2016-09-11T00:21:13-04:00
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