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A view of the new Central United Church opened in 19582020-04-14T17:41:23-04:00
Central United Church demolition (36)2020-04-14T14:10:09-04:00
Interior of Collier Street United Church (2).2018-11-11T10:11:15-05:00
Interior of Collier Street United Church.2018-11-11T10:07:07-05:00
Collier Street United Church (2).2018-11-11T10:01:11-05:00
Collier Street United Church.2018-11-11T10:01:38-05:00
Looking East towards Collier Street United Church and Collier Place Apartments.2016-12-16T13:51:22-05:00
Alison Howard standing in laneway between driveway of 102 Collier Street and Collier Street United Church.2016-09-06T01:01:27-04:00
United Church on the corner of Dunlop Street West and Toronto Street. This church was later moved to the corner of Ross and Toronto Streets and named Central United Church.2016-09-05T16:29:21-04:00
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