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Several century homes on Collier Street between Albert and Blake Streets are demolished to build the Bay Club2020-12-10T09:57:26-05:00
The Supertest station and houses are demolished to make way for the building of the Bay Club2020-12-10T09:51:40-05:00
The building of the Bay Club is in progress2020-12-10T09:46:07-05:00
The East side of the Bay Club as it is being built2020-12-10T09:10:30-05:00
Looking West from Blake Street at the building of the Bay Club2020-12-10T09:44:00-05:00
The home that stood at 258 Dunlop Street (formerly Louisa Street) once belonged to R.I. Fraser a prominent dry good store owner2020-12-09T21:38:03-05:00
A clown in the Santa Claus Parade2020-05-30T09:06:07-04:00
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