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Norris Dairy which was located at 96 Collier Street uses ‘Queen’ the horse to help deliver milk to homes2020-04-24T17:32:16-04:00
Store located at the Northeast corner of Collier and Berczy Streets. Dyke’s Meat Market was at this location that is now a post office2020-04-24T17:17:59-04:00
Receipt for purchase from A.E. Smith Furniture located at 129 Dunlop Street2020-04-16T17:55:41-04:00
Former Barrie Hardware store located at 40 Bayfield Street that was owned by John L. Coffey2019-11-05T21:12:17-05:00
CAA Store on Dunlop Street East.2017-02-21T16:39:27-05:00
Looking East down Dunlop Street East from the foot of Owen Street.2016-09-05T16:32:12-04:00
Mann and King stores located on the north side of Dunlop Street as rebuilt after the fire of 1875 damaged again by fire 1879.2016-09-05T15:48:54-04:00
Barrie’s Diamond Jubilee Celebration. Parade is marching West on Dunlop Street towards Five Points.2016-07-08T18:55:34-04:00
Otton Brothers Hardware store2020-06-12T11:08:50-04:00
Looking at some of the stores including Dunlop Convenience and Our House on the South side of Dunlop Street East.2016-09-11T15:47:50-04:00
Former JR Guest Grocer building, now the site of the Midway Diner on the corner of Bradford and John Streets.2016-12-10T21:16:19-05:00
Owner Mrs. Nelson and customer Judy Sugg at Parkside Variety, owned by the Nelson’s from 1968-1972.2016-06-10T11:33:13-04:00
Front entrance of Barrie Upholstery on Bradford Street.2016-06-10T05:31:00-04:00
Cotty’s Cleaners on Dunlop Street East.2016-06-11T00:56:37-04:00
Bauldry’s Corner Store on the corner of Owen and East Street. Rose Nutter seen at the front of the store eating a popsicle.2016-05-21T18:43:59-04:00
#22 and #24 at Dunlop Street between Clapperton & Owen Streets showing the businesses of Helen’s Bridal Wear and Club Ash Bar and Lounge.2016-07-06T15:56:56-04:00
Jerry’s Radio and Television of Barrie Ltd. on Collier Street.2016-05-23T23:18:29-04:00
Store front of the second hand store that replaced the Harold Hill car dealership.2019-07-25T12:42:12-04:00
Caldwell’s Drug Store on the corner of Dunlop and Owen Streets.2016-05-23T23:43:33-04:00
An Impala convertible sits in the parking lot of the Wellington Plaza. The original Bowlerama is to the left and the Power store is on the right.2016-05-15T21:39:11-04:00
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