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An aerial view of the Spirit Catcher, the Marina and the Main Dock.2017-08-29T08:52:04-04:00
A view of the marina frozen over and empty.2017-05-30T23:30:18-04:00
A view of the Main Dock and Heritage Park along Lakeshore Drive.2017-05-29T21:28:43-04:00
Remnants of the ice maze created for the annual Winterfest held at Heritage Park.2017-05-29T20:41:34-04:00
View from a nearby building of a festival taking place at Heritage Park. This also shows construction along Lakeshore Drive.2017-04-29T17:28:22-04:00
A view of the Marina and the Spirit Catcher from Kempenfelt Bay.2017-04-29T17:26:39-04:00
The Serendipity Princess docks at the base of Bayfield Street.2017-04-29T17:23:32-04:00
A view of the Spirit Catcher and the condominiums on Lakeshore Drive from Kempenfelt Bay.2017-04-29T17:23:07-04:00
The empty marina looking towards Simcoe Street and Lakeshore Drive.2017-04-04T22:39:21-04:00
View of condominiums on Lakeshore Drive from Heritage Park.2017-04-04T22:37:41-04:00
View of the Spirit Catcher from Heritage Park.2017-04-04T22:35:55-04:00
View of the Spirit Catcher towards Simcoe Street from the walking path along Kempenfelt Bay.2017-04-04T22:35:21-04:00
Engineering the Spirit Catcher.2021-04-22T13:06:45-04:00
The Spirit Catcher at the foot of Maple Avenue.2016-12-16T13:42:04-05:00
Spirit Catcher plaque at the foot of Maple Street.2016-12-16T13:28:09-05:00
An icon of Barrie, the Spirit Catcher stands at the foot of Maple Avenue.2016-12-16T13:00:19-05:00
A Spring’s view of the marina, spirit catcher and Heritage Park from above.2016-06-05T17:58:56-04:00
Kempenfelt Bay featuring the Spirit Catcher and Serendipity Princess Cruise Ship as viewed from Heritage Park.2016-05-23T22:00:23-04:00
Postcard displaying Barrie’s Spirit Catcher at Lakeshore Marina.2016-05-21T19:59:21-04:00
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