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A view of the Simmons Coat Store and signature bear, in the McCarthy Block on Dunlop Street East2022-01-09T17:39:49-05:00
Looking East on Dunlop Street from Five Points, cyclists in the foreground2022-01-09T16:47:18-05:00
The C.A. Perkins store was located in the McCarthy Block on Dunlop Street East, between Five Points and Memorial Square2022-01-09T16:39:08-05:00
A view of some stores on the North side of Dunlop Street East including Gord Craigs Barber Shop, Reggie’s Sandwich Factory, Malcomson’s Insurance and Simmons and Co.2016-06-30T21:48:27-04:00
Looking at some of the establishments on the South side of Dunlop Street East. Pictured are Malcomson’s Insurance, Simmons and Co., and Victoria and Grey Trust.2016-06-30T21:48:27-04:00
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