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Ontario, Simcoe and Huron Railway Station in Station Gore South of Dunlop Street adjacent to the property where the Post Office would be built later to be known as Fred Grant Square and Memorial Square.2020-08-14T15:03:38-04:00
Thomas McConkey, Warden of Simcoe County built this home at 101 Clapperton Street in the mid 1870s.2016-09-05T17:35:16-04:00
Front view of 118 Collier Street home of Edmund Lally, agent for the Bank of Upper Canada and a treasurer of Simcoe County.2016-09-11T16:52:42-04:00
Home of Jessie Hunter, secretary at Barrie Central Collegiate and relative of Simcoe County historian Andrew Hunter.2016-06-30T22:08:02-04:00
James W. Hart, Warden of Simcoe County and mayor of the town of Barrie in 1953.2016-07-16T22:02:30-04:00
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