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A mother and child visit some of the shoppes on the North side of Dunlop Street East.2017-03-03T11:21:26-05:00
An aerial postcard showing Memorial Square with Toronto Dominion Bank and surrounding shops.2016-06-14T18:52:54-04:00
Driveway entrance to the Cabinet Shop on Bradford Street.2016-06-10T05:23:53-04:00
Aerial View of the now called Wellington Shopping Plaza, then called Barrie Shopping Plaza.2016-05-21T17:31:23-04:00
Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers on Dunlop Street after renovation.2016-05-21T17:43:17-04:00
The Power store in the Wellington Plaza, which stood approximately where No Frills is today. Notice the grey building among the trees which was the Royal Victoria Hospital site prior to 1997.2016-05-15T21:39:11-04:00
A very busy day on Dunlop Street with the Queen’s Hotel to the right and the Post Office on the left.2016-05-11T19:19:35-04:00
The building with the Harris Flowers sign was on the South East corner of Dunlop Street West (then Elizabeth Street) and Mary Street. It was lost to fire and the house to the right was torn down too.2021-10-20T13:58:09-04:00
Lots of activity on Dunlop Street near Owen Street.2016-05-11T19:19:35-04:00
A colourized photograph of Elizabeth Street, which became Dunlop Street West, with a view to the East. Nearly everything about this scene has changed. Most of the buildings on the left were torn down to make way for a Canadian Tire store. The Texaco on the right is McDonald’s now and a convenience store operates where the Shell station once was.2016-05-11T19:18:30-04:00
The Saso family owned fruit market on the Northwest corner of Dunlop Street and Maple Avenue.2016-12-18T12:41:27-05:00
Dunlop Street facing East at Five Points.2019-09-06T17:00:56-04:00
Looking South along Owen Street to the Post Office which was demolished in 1958.2016-12-18T12:02:38-05:00
The Glebe Block. Looking West along Dunlop Street from Memorial Square.2016-05-01T18:45:47-04:00
The Boys Block, named for original land owner Henry Boys, on the South side of Dunlop Street at Mulcaster Street featuring an early location of the Barrie Examiner Newspaper office.2016-05-01T18:43:54-04:00
Grand opening of the original Harris Flowers location at 47 Dunlop Street.2019-10-13T12:43:30-04:00
The first location of the Harris Flowers shop.2019-10-13T12:42:04-04:00
Caldwell Drugs store at the corner of Dunlop and Owen Streets across from Memorial Square.2016-05-01T03:07:32-04:00
Lots of Barrie folks out on Dunlop Street at Five Points, on a sunny day.2016-12-10T21:17:36-05:00
Downtown businesses surround beautifully gardened Fred Grant Square, also known as Memorial Square.2016-04-30T21:59:06-04:00
Overlooking Fred Grant Square and the Cenotaph at Dunlop and Owen Streets.2016-04-30T21:31:49-04:00
Where do you think this Dad is taking the kids on Dunlop Street – hair cuts, new shoes or an ice cream cone?2016-12-18T13:00:37-05:00
Harris Flowers, at their 99 Dunlop Street location, just prior to renovation.2016-04-27T20:06:15-04:00
Harris Flowers celebrating a grand opening after renovating their shop at 99 Dunlop Street East.2016-04-27T20:05:54-04:00
A look at the interior of Harris Flowers on Dunlop Street after renovation.2016-04-27T20:05:24-04:00
Shopping on Dunlop Street might include visits to Walkwell Shoes, Zellers or the Toronto Dominion Bank.2016-12-10T21:30:16-05:00
The Bell Telephone building with the United Cigar Shop to the left.2019-05-22T19:19:34-04:00
Colourized postcard of Downtown Barrie showing Dunlop Street going East from Five Points.2016-04-23T09:02:20-04:00
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