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Looking East at the South side of Dunlop Street from 119 towards Mulcaster Street2022-10-21T18:33:50-04:00
A view of a Boys Block store on the South side of Dunlop Street at Mulcaster Street2020-06-17T10:19:57-04:00
A portion of the Boys Block showing the gargoyles on the building design. Stores included Garnet’s Hobbies and Roberto’s Pizzeria before it moved Eastward2019-11-03T12:47:08-05:00
Looking West on Dunlops Street at the Boys block showing Roberto’s Pizzeria, Smith and Rutter Furniture and a poster shop2019-11-03T12:39:08-05:00
Looking West from Mulcaster Street at construction on Dunlop Street. Roberto’s Pizzeria can be seen in foreground.2019-08-27T08:11:31-04:00
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