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B.A.C. Regatta near the government dock at the end of Bayfield Street.2017-05-29T18:40:55-04:00
Postcard showing a regatta happening on the lakefront.2016-09-05T16:32:16-04:00
Coloured Postcard of a regatta happening on Kempenfelt Bay in front of the Barrie Train Station.2016-09-05T16:32:14-04:00
Looking at a regatta happening North of the Government Dock at the foot of Bayfield Street. The Barrie Train Station can be seen on the far left, ferry boats at the Government Dock.2016-07-08T18:26:31-04:00
The wharf and Grand Trunk Railway Station during a regatta.2016-05-21T20:46:44-04:00
Viewers of a regatta in front of the Grand Trunk Railway Station in Downton Barrie.2016-05-21T20:53:41-04:00
Viewers of a regatta in front of the Downtown Barrie Grand Trunk Railway Station.2016-05-21T20:45:47-04:00
Man on a dock with a boat in the background during a regatta on Kempenfelt Bay.2016-05-21T20:40:39-04:00
People enjoying a regatta on Kempenfelt Bay from a dock.2016-05-21T20:40:56-04:00
Boats at a regatta on Kempenfelt Bay.2016-05-21T20:41:13-04:00
A regatta on Kempenfelt Bay.2016-12-10T21:00:12-05:00
Lots of Barrie citizens ventured down to the Government Dock for a regatta.2016-05-02T10:07:38-04:00
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