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Looking at the Exterior of Sam the Record Man and Grandma Lee’s Resturant from Five Points on Dunlop Street East.2017-05-30T23:39:12-04:00
CD display inside Sam the Record Man at Five Points.2017-05-30T23:37:00-04:00
Barrie Central Collegiate Band – Capriccio Espagnol.2016-12-31T21:03:06-05:00
Barrie Collegiate Band – 1975.2016-12-31T21:06:15-05:00
The Barrie Collegiate Band of 1970-71.2016-12-31T21:06:05-05:00
Barrie Collegiate Band – Classics for School Bands.2016-12-31T21:05:50-05:00
The Barrie Collegiate Band – Seattle World’s Fair ’62.2016-12-31T21:05:15-05:00
Barrie Central Band under the direction of W.A. Fisher plays the Second and Third Movements of the Robin Hood Suite. Transferred from a 78 RPM record used for radio broadcast.2016-12-31T20:59:40-05:00
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