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Built in 1907 for Harold Dyment and Agnes Campbell at 74 High Street2023-08-11T21:21:16-04:00
Fred Warren and his horse Daisy, possibly in Queen’s Park2023-06-02T17:31:22-04:00
May 20, 1948 Cadet inspection in Queen’s Park2020-08-28T09:44:04-04:00
Cadet inspection on May 20, 1948 in Queen’s Park2020-08-28T09:43:33-04:00
Cadet inspection in Queen’s Park on May 21, 19482020-08-28T09:43:05-04:00
Cadet inspection in Queen’s Park on May 20, 19482020-08-28T09:42:37-04:00
Cadet inspection on May 19, 1947 in Queen’s Park2020-08-28T09:41:46-04:00
Cadet inspection in Queen’s Park on May 19, 19472020-08-28T09:40:04-04:00
This Second Empire style home at 105 Toronto Street was built for American stave manufacturer Charles W. Robinson in 1872. It was sold in 1887 to Martin Burton, a lumber dealer2020-03-16T20:02:58-04:00
74 High Street, built in 1907 for Harold Dyment, son of Simon Dyment2020-02-09T16:40:17-05:00
Royal Victoria Hospital on Ross Street was built in 19032020-01-29T19:52:50-05:00
The Royal Victoria Hospital at 76 Ross Street open on March 5, 1903 on land owned by Archibald Thomson2022-03-31T21:43:30-04:00
Borden McCutcheon and a young Pearl Cole play at Queen’s Park.2018-12-08T11:38:34-05:00
Residence at 105 Toronto Street.2020-02-07T16:40:41-05:00
A view of the front of the Armouries located in Queens Park.2017-01-01T19:46:41-05:00
A view of Royal Victoria Hospital on Ross Street looking across from Queens Park.2017-01-01T19:36:22-05:00
Looking at Victoria Village formerly Royal Victoria Hospital from Queens Park.2016-12-16T13:53:16-05:00
Looking towards the Eastern side walking path in Queens Park.2016-12-16T13:49:36-05:00
Parades, family footage, BCC Band, soldiers marching, sea cadets marching in Queens Park, Victory Loan Parade, skiing in Collingwood, hockey footage, cadets parade, planes at Edenvale, Lions Club dinner, ice capades.2024-04-28T20:13:27-04:00
Aerial shot looking North at Royal Victoria Hospital on Ross Street. Note the top of the picture, the 400 Highway has not yet been built or graded.2020-10-17T19:18:15-04:00
A lively baseball game at Queens Park on a hot summer day (3).2016-09-06T17:23:00-04:00
A lively baseball game at Queens Park on a hot summer day (4).2016-09-06T17:23:43-04:00
A lively baseball game at Queens Park on a hot summer day (2).2016-09-06T17:24:09-04:00
A lively baseball game at Queens Park on a hot summer day (1).2016-09-06T17:24:26-04:00
This home at 105 Toronto Street was built in 1872 for American stave (barrel parts) manufacturer Charles W. Robinson.2020-02-07T16:51:43-05:00
Aerial shot showing the Armoury at Queen’s Park and Cadet building.2016-10-18T15:40:18-04:00
Residents gather outside of the Armoury at Queen’s Park for an event.2017-02-09T13:58:47-05:00
Postcard showing the Armouries beside Queen’s Park.2016-09-05T16:18:52-04:00
Looking over the hill from the creek at Queen’s Park at the Barrie Armouries.2016-09-05T16:07:32-04:00
A lively baseball game at Queens Park on a hot summer day (6).2016-09-06T04:49:32-04:00
A Lively baseball game at Queens Park on a hot summer day (5).2016-09-06T04:50:56-04:00
Looking towards the original Royal Victoria Hospital building on Ross Streets from the Tennis court in Queen’s Park.2016-06-30T22:08:02-04:00
Grade 13 students return to Central following their baseball game at Queen’s Park. They make their way down Parkside Drive to Dunlop Street, passing the old Weston Bakery prior to its conversion to the Brookdale Inn.2016-06-22T16:42:23-04:00
Grade 13 students from Central play a game of baseball amongst the fall leaves in Queen’s Park.2016-12-10T21:39:43-05:00
Grade 13 Central students play baseball at Queen’s Park, with the Barrie Armoury in the background.2016-06-21T21:59:38-04:00
Barrie Central students enjoy a rousing game of baseball at Queen’s Park.2016-06-21T21:59:38-04:00
A female student takes a swing at a Central student baseball game in Queen’s Park.2016-06-21T21:59:38-04:00
A faculty member takes the bat at a Barrie Central fall baseball game at Queen’s Park.2016-12-10T21:39:37-05:00
A dog adds to the action at a grade 13 Barrie Central baseball game at Queen’s Park.2016-12-10T21:38:30-05:00
A woman enjoys the fall colours at Queen’s Park.2016-06-17T13:21:17-04:00
Little Miss Park contestant at Queen’s Park.2016-12-10T21:32:18-05:00
Kathleen and Henry Partridge down at Queen’s Park.2016-06-10T02:13:45-04:00
Pavilion and Bandstand at Queen’s Park.2016-12-10T21:16:35-05:00
Royal Victoria Hospital fronted on Ross Street and faced Queen’s Park.2016-05-02T10:05:03-04:00
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