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Side view of Dr. Turnbull’s home, 158 Dunlop Street East from the side of Poyntz Street.2017-05-29T18:30:43-04:00
Lally House at Collier and Poyntz Streets before its renovation.2017-05-29T18:30:08-04:00
Looking South down Poyntz Street towards Collier Street on a winter day.2017-05-03T16:44:46-04:00
Aerial view of the Courthouse and former jail surrounded by Worsley Street, Poyntz Street and Mulcaster Street. Berczy Street is also shown.2017-02-21T16:51:56-05:00
Looking at 184 Dunlop Street East near Poyntz Street.2017-02-16T21:16:11-05:00
Aerial shot looking over Collier, Mulcaster and Poyntz Streets.2017-02-06T23:11:35-05:00
Collier Street near Poyntz Street, showing Collier Street United Church and Collier Place.2016-09-10T20:49:36-04:00
Looking West on Collier Street towards Poyntz Street.2016-09-10T20:49:36-04:00
Poytnz Street residence (1).2016-09-06T01:03:56-04:00
Poytnz Street residence (2).2016-09-06T01:03:53-04:00
118 Collier Street on the corner of Collier and Poyntz Streets. Originally built by Edmund and Annie Lally in 1847. Once converted into 14 apartments in the 1970’s, this home serves as law offices today.2016-07-06T22:10:20-04:00
A postcard showing Lakeview Dairy and Kentucky Fried Chicken businesses on Dunlop Street between Poyntz and Berczy Streets.2020-07-04T18:55:20-04:00
A century old historic home on the corner of Collier and Poyntz Streets.2016-07-01T15:48:21-04:00
Doctor Turnbull’s home on the corner of Dunlop Street East and Poyntz Street.2019-05-16T16:30:45-04:00
A beautiful home on Poyntz Street.2016-06-27T02:54:42-04:00
Looking West at Collier Street United Church from Poyntz Street.2016-06-25T18:45:30-04:00
View of Worsley Street looking towards Mulcaster Street from the corner of Poyntz Street.2016-06-17T13:30:30-04:00
Collier Street businesses viewed from the corner of Poyntz Street.2016-06-17T13:26:52-04:00
Poyntz Street alleyway behind the Collier Street United Church.2016-06-17T13:26:52-04:00
The Side View of the Court House showing Poyntz Street.2016-06-13T17:49:55-04:00
Standing on Collier Street looking North West up Poyntz Street towards Berczy Street.2016-06-13T17:46:32-04:00
Residence at 24 Poyntz Street.2016-06-13T17:46:51-04:00
Residence at 22 Poyntz Street.2016-06-12T21:59:18-04:00
East side of Poyntz Street between Worsley Street and Collier Street.2016-06-12T21:40:52-04:00
19 Poyntz Street residence owned by the Dobson Family.2016-06-26T14:06:36-04:00
19 Poyntz Street residence owned by the Dobson Family.2016-06-26T14:05:42-04:00
West side of Lakeview Dairy on Dunlop Street where Poyntz Street terminates.2016-06-11T01:17:37-04:00
South East corner of Poyntz and Dunlop Streets at Lakeview Dairy.2016-06-11T01:24:41-04:00