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Looking East at Duff Grocer located on Dunlop Street at Memorial Square2020-01-25T14:24:16-04:00
McKeggie and Company bank was located at 59 Dunlop Street and Memorial Square2020-01-25T14:13:47-04:00
The ‘Gardens’ at the foot of Owen Street, this area was referred to as Station Gore, Memorial, Post Office or Fred Grant Square2020-01-25T13:40:15-04:00
A Memorial Square water fountain donated to the citizens of Barrie and district in 1891 by the Bank of Toronto. The fountain was refinished in 1953.2020-01-25T13:02:03-04:00
The building of the Civic Square tower on Collier Street is in progress2019-11-06T14:52:23-04:00
Looking from the water towards Memorial Square and the Wilson Building2019-11-04T20:15:10-04:00
A view from the shoreline of downtown and Trinity Church2019-10-19T20:52:36-04:00
A view of Dunlop Street East of Owen Street showing the Sanders Block2019-10-19T20:29:15-04:00
A winter view of Memorial Square and Dunlop Street2019-10-19T20:22:37-04:00
A view of Memorial Square and the North West corner of Dunlop and Owen Streets2019-10-19T20:14:23-04:00
Women in period costumes stand near Memorial Square during the Centennial Parade2019-01-20T17:34:34-04:00
Women in period costume mingle with the crowd at the Centennial Parade2019-01-20T17:32:57-04:00
Four women in period costume at the Centennial celebrations2019-01-20T16:11:18-04:00
A woman and two children in period costume during the Centennial Parrade2019-01-20T16:10:44-04:00
A crown watches the Centennial parade2019-01-20T16:09:28-04:00
A crowd watches women in period costume walk in the Centennial parade2019-01-20T16:09:11-04:00
Memorial Square and the North West corner of Dunlop and Owen Streets2019-01-10T07:23:18-04:00
Looking West on Dunlop Street from Memorial Square towards the smoke from the fire at Sam the Record Man.2019-01-08T20:05:14-04:00
Looking West down Dunlop Street from Memorial Square at the heavy smoke from the Sam the Record Man fire in January.2019-01-08T20:00:17-04:00
A rose is laid at the foot of the World War II cenotaph at Memorial Square during Remembrance Day ceremonies.2018-11-11T10:26:44-04:00
Looking West from the Barrie Train Station on a winter day.2019-07-22T09:51:42-04:00
Looking North towards the Post Office on a winter day.2019-07-22T09:58:11-04:00
Town Crier, Steve Travers, begins the historical walk at Memorial Square.2016-11-06T10:20:37-04:00
Town of Barrie Centennial Celebrations and Santa Claus Parade (Compilation of three films).2016-09-14T22:01:02-04:00
Moving Day for Royal Mail at Barrie.2016-09-10T23:57:18-04:00
Ontario, Simcoe and Huron Railway Station in Station Gore South of Dunlop Street adjacent to the property where the Post Office would be built later to be known as Fred Grant Square and Memorial Square.2016-10-30T19:19:47-04:00
Boys Block businesses on south side of Dunlop Street East between Mulcaster Street and Memorial Square.2017-10-15T23:02:03-04:00
CKVR Remembrance Day coverage.2016-09-05T16:19:06-04:00
Postcard showing the train station and cenotaph at post office square.2016-09-05T16:18:47-04:00
Aerial view of Post Office Square and downtown area,between Mulcaster and Owen Streets.2017-10-15T23:11:39-04:00
Looking North East at Fred Grant Square.2016-09-05T16:13:50-04:00
Postcard showing Fred Grant Square, now known as Memorial Square.2016-09-05T16:06:32-04:00
Looking towards activity on Kempenfelt Bay from Fred Grant’s Square during a Winter Carnival.2016-09-05T16:01:04-04:00
A young boy stands in front of ice sculptures at Fred Grant Square during a Winter Carnival.2016-09-05T16:01:04-04:00
Children pose in front of the King Carnival ice sculture South of Fred Grant Square during a Winter Carnival.2016-09-05T15:55:43-04:00
Winter Carnival ice sculptures decorate Fred Grant Square.2016-09-05T15:55:41-04:00
Two people pose in front of an ice sculpture South of Fred Grant Square at a Winter Carnival.2016-09-05T15:55:40-04:00
Postcard showing Memorial Square (Fred Grant Square) on Dunlop Street East.2016-09-06T20:27:06-04:00
Dunlop Street looking east from Five Points towards present day Memorial Square.2019-09-09T15:13:08-04:00
Looking West on the South block on Dunlop Street East at Fred Grant Street2020-01-25T14:11:55-04:00
Looking at Fred Grant Square at the foot of Owen Street and businesses along Dunlop Street East.2016-07-08T04:38:58-04:00
Looking down at Fred Grant Square between Dunlop Street East and Lakeshore Drive form the East side of the condominum at the foot of Maple Avenue.2016-07-06T20:07:34-04:00
Looking slightly East at Fred Grant Square from the foot of Owen Street.2016-07-05T03:10:47-04:00
Looking down on Post Office Square on Dunlop Street East.2016-07-04T17:45:18-04:00
Looking North East at the Post Office on Dunlop Street East.2016-07-04T17:45:18-04:00
Looking towards Dunlop Street East and Owen Street from Kempenfelt Bay.2016-07-04T17:45:18-04:00
Looking at the Barrie CNR station from the newly developed Fred Grant Square.2016-07-01T05:08:43-04:00
The Post Office on Dunlop Street East. Originally built in 1855 this building was torn down in June 1958.2016-07-01T05:08:42-04:00
Looking at the Barrie CNR Station from Fred Grant Square.2016-07-01T05:08:42-04:00
Muncipal Trust building on the West corner of Dunlop Street East and Owen Street.2016-07-06T16:41:20-04:00