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Mayor Les Cooke with unidentified men.2016-09-06T19:11:52-04:00
Former Mayor Willard Kinzie (owner of Lakeview Dairy and Kentucky Fried Chicken Franchise), with Mayor Les Cooke and Colonel Harland Sanders.2016-09-06T18:47:36-04:00
Mayor Les Cooke (left) and staff at Imperial Eastman factory on Dyment Road pose for a picture.2016-09-05T17:02:48-04:00
Barrie City Council 1960-1961 with Mayor Willard Kinzie in the centre and future Mayor, Les Cooke on the far left.2017-02-08T17:14:56-05:00
John Keiller MacKay, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario,1957-1963 with Mayor Les Cooke.2017-02-08T17:10:44-05:00
Formal Portrait of Les Cooke, Mayor of Barrie during 1962-1967 and 1970-1972.2017-02-08T17:30:17-05:00
Les Cooke (centre) eats Kentucky Fried Chicken with Mayor Willard Kinzie (far left) and other civic leaders at a gathering.2017-02-08T17:31:38-05:00
Final Town Council led by Mayor Willard Kinzie (centre). Future Mayor, Les Cooke (beside on right) served as Deputy Reeve.2016-09-05T16:46:15-04:00
John Keiller MacKay, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, 1957-1963, with Mayor Les Cooke.2017-02-08T17:10:59-05:00
Willard Kinzie (left), Les Cooke (second from right), Art Evans (right) and Members of Provincial Parliament (MPP).2017-02-09T13:41:48-05:00
Les Cooke, Mayor of Barrie, conversing with two people in the City Hall building on Mulcaster Street.2017-02-09T13:42:20-05:00
Les Cooke, Mayor of Barrie, makes a presentation to students in City Hall on Mulcaster Street.2017-02-09T13:46:47-05:00
Mayor Les Cooke overlooking the signing of a document with two unidentified men.2017-02-09T13:45:31-05:00
Mayor Les Cooke and Tom Kerr, Chairman of the Canadian Centennial Committee, in front of Zellers on Dunlop Street East.2016-09-05T16:46:07-04:00
Commemoration of Historical Plaque for Hewitt Bernard, Secretary to the Confederation Conferences.2016-09-05T16:46:07-04:00
1965-c-Downtown-Mayor Les Cooke participates in a log sawing on Kempenfelt Bay during a Winter Carnival2016-09-05T16:46:06-04:00
Mayor Les Cooke poses in his office.2017-02-09T13:46:21-05:00
Mayor Les Cooke takes a phone call in his office.2017-02-09T13:51:38-05:00
Christmas Card with Ontario Premier John Roberts 1961-1971, with Mayor Les Cooke and MPP Art Evans.2017-02-09T14:36:42-05:00
Mayor Les Cooke performing some of the lighter duties of being a Mayor with fellow co-workers.2017-02-09T14:47:49-05:00
Les Cooke reading the brochure for the 44th Annual Convention of the Canadian Warehousing Association, held in Toronto with two unidentified men.2016-09-05T16:45:59-04:00
Les Cooke, owner of Cooke Cartage Company receives award of distinction from Canadian Highway Safety Council.2016-09-05T16:45:58-04:00
Mayor Les Cooke with beard, performing the ribbon cutting for Barrie Winter Carnival.2017-02-09T14:34:02-05:00
Mayor Les Cooke at his desk.2016-09-05T16:45:52-04:00
Mayoral portrait of Les Cooke who served from 1962 to 1967 and from 1970 to 1972.2016-09-05T16:45:52-04:00
Mayor Les Cooke standing with a group of unidentified Barrie Police Officers.2016-09-05T16:39:35-04:00
Mayor Les Cooke is “jailed” as part of the fun during a Winter Carnival.2016-09-05T16:39:33-04:00
Official Portrait of Mayor Les Cooke, Mayor of Barrie 1962-1967, 1970-1972.2016-09-05T16:39:33-04:00
Mayor Les Cooke performs his duties in the Mayors’ seat.2016-09-05T16:39:32-04:00
Mayors from the 1970’s. Ross Archer, Dorian Parker and Les Cooke pose with gavels for the front page of The Barrie Examiner newspaper special.2017-02-09T14:34:13-05:00
23 Seek Seats On City Council.2016-07-04T17:44:15-04:00
City Won’t Appeal for Illegal Dumping, Consultants Rapped.2016-07-04T17:44:15-04:00
City council dresses up for centennial celebrations. Mayor Les Cooke is pictured in front.2016-06-30T21:59:21-04:00
Mayor Les Cooke and the town crier lead a centennial themed celebration in council chamber on Mulcaster Street.2016-06-30T21:59:21-04:00
Mayor Les Cooke is accompanied by Mr. Roberts and Mr. Emms during centennial celebrations on Dunlop Street East.2016-06-30T21:57:44-04:00
Mayor Les Cooke (in black suit) opens Centennial Park in the presence of a large crowd.2016-07-06T02:36:26-04:00