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A view from the water of Simcoe Street and the lakefront2019-10-31T19:12:58-04:00
Rear and side view of the former Barrie Planing Mill building at the corner of Sophia and Mary Streets2020-06-28T17:01:53-04:00
Front and West side view from street of the former Barrie Planing Mill building on Sophia Street2020-06-28T16:58:44-04:00
Land registry map showing lots between Wellington, Mary, Sophia, Ross and Toronto Streets and surrounding areas.2018-01-25T21:21:50-05:00
A Christmas display in the shop window of Sam the Record Man when it was located at Five Points.2017-04-29T17:14:07-04:00
Mechanics for the Jackson car dealership at 36 Mary Street. Left to right, Charlie Mason (Service Manager), blank, Lica Aslan, Don Richardson, Doug Conrad, blank, and George.2017-02-26T13:07:45-05:00
Jackson Motors Service Department located at 36 Mary Street.2017-02-12T22:00:28-05:00
A family tests out the water at Barrie’s Bathing Beach located at the foot of Mary Street.2016-12-03T01:06:56-05:00
Calendar from the Minnikin Funeral Home located at the South West corner of Dunlop and Mary Streets.2016-11-23T09:25:29-05:00
Valley Taxi on Dunlop Street between Maple and Mary Streets.2019-06-28T15:20:55-04:00
Conductor W.A. Fisher leads the Barrie Central Collegiate Band that is marching West on Dunlop Street West near Mary Street.2017-02-09T16:19:42-05:00
Workers pose in front of the Barrie water well on Mary Street.2016-07-08T18:26:30-04:00
Waterworks on Mary Street.2016-07-08T18:26:30-04:00
Looking towards the government dock on Kempenfelt Bay from around the foot of Mary Street. The steamer, “Enterprise” is parked at the dock.2016-07-08T18:25:10-04:00
Panoramic view looking North down the train tracks along the waterfront from the foot of Mary Street.2016-07-08T04:46:13-04:00
Looking South down Mary Street towards Dunlop Street West.2016-06-30T22:08:02-04:00
Looking high above the structures between Maple Avenue and Mary Street, North from Dunlop Street West.2016-07-01T19:43:10-04:00
A house on the corner of Ross Street and Mary Street.2016-06-11T15:06:51-04:00
Cadets Parade at North East Corner of Mary Street and Dunlop Street.2017-02-09T14:23:27-05:00
Aerial View of Downtown and Lakeshore featuring Sargents Fuel in operation. Coal, oil and cement, at the bottom of Toronto, Mary and Simcoe Streets.2016-05-23T22:00:07-04:00
The front entrance of an old building standing at Mary Street.2016-05-21T18:43:11-04:00
A different side view of an old building standing on Mary Street.2019-10-31T10:55:50-04:00
A side view of an old building on Mary Street.2019-10-31T10:59:38-04:00
A view down Dunlop Street with Mary Street approaching on the right.2016-05-21T20:22:38-04:00
Railway tracks looking towards Mary Street from the Lakeshore area.2016-05-21T20:26:47-04:00
Fire at Earth and Sky Connection on Dunlop Street at Mary Street.2016-05-23T22:00:56-04:00
Looking down Mary Street on a wintry day.2016-05-23T23:17:00-04:00
A beautiful Christmas morning on Mary Street.2016-05-23T23:17:30-04:00
Christmas Snow on Mary Street.2016-05-23T23:17:42-04:00
Firefighters respond to the fire at Earth and Sky Connection on the corner of Dunlop Street and Mary Street.2016-05-23T23:31:53-04:00
Preparing the parade floats in front of the Barrie Planing Mill’s warehouse, at Mary and Ross Streets, where Parry Automotive does business today.2020-06-28T17:15:37-04:00
Mary Street with lovely trees and gardens but no driveways or garages yet.2016-04-21T09:27:33-04:00
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