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The E. Sevigny Carriage works in the Marrin Block building was located between Market Square and Collier Street Methodist Church. It collapsed in a 1895 fire2021-09-16T15:39:46-04:00
The historic fire hall is being demolished2020-07-23T21:04:34-04:00
Looking North East from Market Square at Dougall’s Furniture factory2020-07-03T15:03:10-04:00
Looking down Mulcaster Street towards Worsley and Collier Streets. Collier Street Methodist Church, Dougall’s Furniture and Market Square can be seen2020-07-03T14:54:16-04:00
A view from the fire hall tower looking up Mulcaster Street2020-07-03T14:47:09-04:00
Cliff Carley sits behind the driver of a horse-drawn fire truck in front of the Market Building in Market Square2020-04-24T16:56:57-04:00
The Barrie fire hall on the South West corner of Collier and Mulcaster Streets2021-07-04T19:41:20-04:00
A view of Town Hall and Market looking North on Mulcaster Street towards Collier Street2019-01-09T07:08:59-05:00
Aerial view of Downtown showing Market Square and Mulcaster Street and Islay in Bay.2016-05-21T17:36:16-04:00
A view from the Barrie Gaol of Mulcaster Street, Market Square, boats in the bay and farther West.2016-12-18T12:02:32-05:00
A colourized postcard showing Downtown Barrie including Mulcaster Street, Market Square and several churches. Photograph taken from the old Courthouse on Worsley Street.2016-05-01T19:19:43-04:00
A horse drawn cart in front of the market building.2016-05-01T18:54:45-04:00
A postcard from Barrie sent in 1895 featuring the waterfront, Market Square and Lovers Creek.2016-05-01T18:51:50-04:00
Farmers with cart loads of hay at Market Square.2016-05-01T18:50:02-04:00
The Market Building at Collier and Mulcaster Streets.2016-07-06T03:09:34-04:00
Painting of Market Square and American Hotel.2016-05-01T15:22:32-04:00
Pencil Drawing of Market Square at Collier and Mulcaster Streets by Artist Historian George Harlow White.2016-05-01T15:20:01-04:00
A wonderful aerial view of the Market Square area showing City Hall, the American Hotel and the surrounding neighbourhood.2016-06-05T18:13:45-04:00
Mayor Marjorie Hamilton (1950-52) entering City Hall.2016-07-01T05:05:55-04:00
Barrie City Hall, renovated from the old Market Building, as it looked in 1959.2016-12-10T21:30:11-05:00
Coloured postcard looking Southwest from the Barrie Jail, a view of Collier and Mulcaster Streets, including the Market Building and Town Hall.2016-07-06T15:41:16-04:00
Market Square, the Barrie Jail and the original Trinity Anglican Church.2016-04-28T21:39:27-04:00
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