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Looking West at Duff Grocer located on Dunlop Street at Memorial Square2021-05-20T16:13:32-04:00
The ‘Gardens’ at the foot of Owen Street, this area was referred to as Station Gore, Memorial, Post Office or Fred Grant Square2020-01-25T13:40:15-05:00
Looking West from the Barrie Train Station on a winter day.2019-07-22T09:51:42-04:00
The Glebe Block, south side of Dunlop Street between Five Point and Memorial Square, was originally set aside in 1836 as a glebe.2016-09-05T16:11:22-04:00
Looking West at Glebe Block down the South side of Dunlop Street from Fred Grant Street.2016-07-08T18:22:31-04:00
The Glebe Block. Looking West along Dunlop Street from Memorial Square.2016-05-01T18:45:47-04:00
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