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McKenzie’s Esso Station located at the Northwest corner of Ross and Bayfield Streets2020-04-17T14:12:22-04:00
Two salesmen and two gas attendees post in front of Park Motors at 149 Dunlop Street East.2017-02-27T13:32:39-05:00
Corner of John Street and Bradford Street, formerly a BA Gas Station (Gulf).2017-02-27T12:21:03-05:00
BA Station and Jackson Motors on the corner of Mulcaster Street and Dunlop Street East.2016-11-17T13:08:03-05:00
Jackson Motors on the South East cornder of Mulcaster and Dunlop Street East.2016-11-17T13:08:00-05:00
Canadian Tire Gas Station on the corner of Anne and John Streets when operated by George Arksey from 1991-2001.2016-07-08T18:21:03-04:00
Gas station on the corner of John and Anne Streets when branded as a Texaco and operated by George Arksey from 1980-89.2016-07-08T04:51:38-04:00
The back of Lakeview Dairy looking West towards P.U.C. Pump Station.2016-06-11T00:57:53-04:00
Comet gas station at Dunlop and Ferndale Drive.2016-06-12T03:21:32-04:00
The building with the Harris Flowers sign was on the South East corner of Dunlop Street West (then Elizabeth Street) and Mary Street. It was lost to fire and the house to the right was torn down too.2021-10-20T13:58:09-04:00
The Supertest gas station that sat at the bottom of steep Dundonald Street where it met Collier, Dunlop and Blake Streets. Today, the Bay Club condominium tower occupies that spot.2016-05-11T19:19:35-04:00
A colourized photograph of Elizabeth Street, which became Dunlop Street West, with a view to the East. Nearly everything about this scene has changed. Most of the buildings on the left were torn down to make way for a Canadian Tire store. The Texaco on the right is McDonald’s now and a convenience store operates where the Shell station once was.2016-05-11T19:18:30-04:00
Cities Service Centre at 150 Bradford Street.2016-04-23T09:22:19-04:00
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