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Daughter Frankie ask her father Fred Warren to watch her ride her bike at their Mary Street home2023-06-03T22:21:21-04:00
Warren family and friends in the vessel ‘Margaret’ on Kempenfelt Bay2023-06-03T22:13:50-04:00
Wihelmina Warren (left) at the side of her home at 83 Mary Street2023-06-03T21:53:58-04:00
Can’t Catch Me is the caption of this photo of Wilhelmina Warren in the lane of her Mary Street home2023-06-03T21:44:34-04:00
Charlie Warren introduces Daisy to her first snowfall2023-06-03T21:38:14-04:00
The parlour of the Warren home at 83 Mary Street2023-06-03T21:32:33-04:00
The Warren household’s horse Daisy romps in their Mary Street yard2023-06-03T21:24:23-04:00
Children playing in front of the Warren home on Mary Street after a record snowfall2023-06-03T21:18:38-04:00
Come to Dinner is the caption of this family gathering in the Warren home on Mary Street2023-06-03T21:13:07-04:00
Frankie Warren and her doll in her Mary Street home2023-06-03T20:57:42-04:00
Wilhelmina Warren and son Charlie in the parlour of their Mary Street home2023-06-03T20:50:59-04:00
Charlie Warren playing hide and seek in the dining room of their Mary Street home2023-06-03T20:30:17-04:00
Construction at the rear of 83 Mary Street, the Fred Warren home2023-06-03T20:08:20-04:00
Fred Warren and his horse Daisy, possibly in Queen’s Park2023-06-02T17:31:22-04:00
Charles Edwin Warren on Mary Street2023-06-02T17:17:16-04:00
Johnston and Warren store in the Boys Block was formerly W.B. Capon paints2023-06-02T16:54:40-04:00
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