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A Memorial Square water fountain donated to the citizens of Barrie and district in 1891 by the Bank of Toronto. The fountain was refinished in 1953.2020-01-25T13:02:03-05:00
Students drink out of one of the stone encased fountains at Centennial Park on Lakeshore Drive.2017-02-28T23:15:24-05:00
Newly installed floating water fountain at Centennial Park.2016-07-06T19:00:03-04:00
The water fountain at Centennial Park provided by the Rotary Club of Barrie.2016-05-24T00:01:46-04:00
The Rotary fountain at Centennial Park.2016-05-24T00:02:41-04:00
The Cenotaph with the Post Office to the left and the Barrie Train Station directly behind it.2016-04-21T09:23:29-04:00