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87 Wellington Street West was owned by Mrs. Audrey V. Halfyard from 1938-19972020-03-22T14:40:18-04:00
The Road Home photograph by Nora Marshall. A woman walks up Mulcaster Street towards Penetang Street near the intersection of James Street (now Codrington)2019-01-14T06:17:45-05:00
Students enjoy an exhibit in the parking lot of the Wellington Plaza.2016-09-05T16:04:23-04:00
Looking over Barrie Marina and Lakeshore Drive on a beautiful Fall day.2016-07-06T18:52:58-04:00
Looking down at Fred Grant Square between Dunlop Street East and Lakeshore Drive form the East side of the condominum at the foot of Maple Avenue.2016-07-06T20:07:34-04:00
St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church on the corner of Worsley and Owen Streets.2016-07-01T05:08:42-04:00
Looking South down Lakeshore Drive over the Barrie Marina.2016-06-30T21:54:29-04:00
Looking high above the structures between Maple Avenue and Mary Street, North from Dunlop Street West.2016-07-01T19:43:10-04:00
Looking down the East side of Maple Avenue towards Ross Street.2016-07-01T19:44:01-04:00
H-block showing the intersection of Worsley and Owen Streets.2016-06-27T02:58:29-04:00
Fall leaves adorn the Thompson house on the corner of Collier and Dundonald Streets.2016-06-27T02:57:23-04:00
Looking East at the jail on Mulcaster Street.2016-06-27T02:57:23-04:00
Collier Street United Church on a fall day.2016-06-27T02:54:42-04:00
Collier Street United Church with the old century home that once stood West of the church.2016-06-27T02:54:42-04:00
Looking North East up Mulcaster Street at the jail.2016-06-27T02:50:19-04:00
Congregants gather to worship at Collier Street United Church on a fall day.2016-06-25T18:45:29-04:00
69 Maple Avenue, where Irvine Decorating started.2016-06-25T18:45:30-04:00
Looking West at Collier Street United Church from Poyntz Street.2016-06-25T18:45:30-04:00
Collier Street United Church and Fellowship Hall on a beautiful Fall day.2016-06-25T18:45:30-04:00
A woman enjoys the fall colours at Queen’s Park.2016-06-17T13:21:17-04:00
Beautiful Fall colours colour the landscape where Theresa Street meets Berczy Street.2016-06-14T18:58:10-04:00