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The former Anderton residence at the South East corner of Ellen and Victoria Streets2021-09-10T21:22:48-04:00
Looking over where John Street ends at Ellen Street from the Marina Bay condominiums.2016-06-30T21:54:29-04:00
Looking from the tracks along the waterfront to the Barrie Carriage Company near John and Ellen Streets.2016-06-10T00:10:17-04:00
North side of John Street at Atkinson Pontiac.2021-06-12T20:30:59-04:00
Intersection of John Street and Bradford Street taken from the centre of the road.2021-08-02T16:17:06-04:00
Looking at the intersection of Vespra and Ellen Streets from a condominium.2017-01-05T18:39:54-05:00
Artist’s rendering of the Barrie Carriage Works that was once located on the corner of Ellen Street and Victoria Street. Kempenfelt Bay is in the background.2016-05-01T19:24:05-04:00
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