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Mrs. Saso inside the Barrie Fruit Market at the corner of Elizabeth Street and Maple Avenue2020-09-16T16:27:20-04:00
John Saso’s Barrie Fruit Market at the corner of Elizabeth Street and Maple Avenue2020-09-16T15:42:13-04:00
The Grand Lodge of Ontario Oddfellows in session on their 70th annivesary are assembled in front of the Agricultural Hall main fair grounds building on Bradford Street2020-07-16T21:17:52-04:00
The McKay-Hogg Woolen Mills located on the West side of High Street South of Elizabeth Street2020-05-06T21:01:02-04:00
Elizabeth Street Methodist Church (later renamed to Central United Church)2020-04-14T17:34:39-04:00
Elizabeth Street United Church (formerly the Primitive Methodist Church until 1883)2020-04-14T17:35:46-04:00
Methodist Church at the corner of Elizabeth and Toronto Streets, also known as the first Central United Church building2020-04-14T17:36:34-04:00
Looking West at the North side of Elizabeth Street between Bayfield and John (now Maple Avenue) Streets2020-04-14T17:19:19-04:00
Former Royal Hotel located at 94 Dunlop Street West2019-10-25T16:55:52-04:00
A view of the former Royal Hotel located at 94 Dunlop Street West at Toronto Street2020-09-29T20:16:47-04:00
Looking West along Elizabeth (Dunlop) Street from Five Points2021-05-20T16:14:45-04:00
Royal Hotel located on the corner of Toronto Street and Elizabeth Street (now Dunlop Street West)2019-10-20T18:08:41-04:00
The Crystal Palace Stores on the North East corner of Elizabeth and John Streets.2019-01-09T07:26:50-05:00
The Summersett Hotel located at Five Points.2019-01-09T07:52:44-05:00
The North side of Elizabeth Street between Bayfield Street and John Street (now Maple Avenue).2019-01-09T07:43:19-05:00
Looking West along the North side of Elizabeth Street at the Summersett (Wellington) Hotel.2021-07-27T15:50:17-04:00
The M.H. Spencer establishment at the South West corner of Elizabeth and John Streets. This becomes 39 Dunlop Street at Maple Street.2019-01-09T07:09:23-05:00
Calendar from the Minnikin Funeral Home located at the South West corner of Dunlop and Mary Streets.2021-10-20T13:59:56-04:00
Keenan’s Music float in the 60th anniversary of Barrie parade on Elizabeth Street (Dunlop Street West).2016-09-06T01:10:24-04:00
Howard Dyment in front of John Dyment’s home at the corner of High and Elizabeth Streets.2016-09-05T17:21:55-04:00
Postcard of the Methodist Church on the corner of Elizabeth Street (Dunlop Street West) and Toronto Street.2016-09-05T16:18:42-04:00
Summersetts Hotel at Five Points and adjacent buildings on Elizabeth Street (Dunlop Street West) before being destroyed by fire in 1876.2016-07-08T18:21:03-04:00
Frank and his daughter Bernice, posing outside the store front of F. Wiseman and Son Butchers on Elizabeth Street.2016-07-16T22:02:27-04:00
Harris ‘Leading the Band’ marching West on Dunlop Street.2021-10-20T14:05:44-04:00
Celebrating the visit of the Duke of Devonshire, on Elizabeth Street West.2016-06-10T04:04:52-04:00
Barrie Citizens Band, currently known as Barrie Concert Band, at Dunlop Street and Elizabeth Street. Mayor Peter Sinclair is playing the Trombone.2016-05-23T21:59:34-04:00
Parade at Toronto Street and Elizabeth Street.2021-05-02T15:55:01-04:00
A colourized picture of Barrie Central Collegiate.2016-05-18T07:22:34-04:00
The building with the Harris Flowers sign was on the South East corner of Dunlop Street West (then Elizabeth Street) and Mary Street. It was lost to fire and the house to the right was torn down too.2021-10-20T13:58:09-04:00
A colourized photograph of Elizabeth Street, which became Dunlop Street West, with a view to the East. Nearly everything about this scene has changed. Most of the buildings on the left were torn down to make way for a Canadian Tire store. The Texaco on the right is McDonald’s now and a convenience store operates where the Shell station once was.2016-05-11T19:18:30-04:00
The Saso family owned fruit market on the Northwest corner of Dunlop Street and Maple Avenue.2016-12-18T12:41:27-05:00
The Duke of Devonshire, Governor General of Canada, made a visit to Barrie. He and his entourage are being escorted by Barrie residents along Elizabeth Street (now Dunlop Street West).2016-05-11T19:18:31-04:00
The Bell Telephone building with the United Cigar Shop to the left.2019-05-22T19:19:34-04:00
Elizabeth Street, now known as Dunlop Street , looking West from Five Points.2016-04-18T20:18:10-04:00
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